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Professional Development Course Catalog

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  • Leadership Courses – Leadership is a journey and we aim to meet you where you’re at. We offer courses for every level of leadership – from the newest floor supervisor, to the most seasoned CEO.
  • Specialty Courses – These courses are designed to help professionals upskill through specialized trainings, including: skills-based trainings, professional certifications, and industry-specific programming.
  • Rotating Courses – We do not offer these courses regularly but rotate into our lineup as needed. These courses are often topic-driven or industry-specific. If you are interested in one of these courses, please complete the “Request A Training” form.

Leadership Courses

Management Essentials

Leadership Pillar: Build your leadership foundation.

In theory, great leaders are built on a solid foundation. In practice, we’re often thrown into a leadership role without formal training or guidance on the core job functions. Management Essentials covers a variety of practical skills that apply to the day-to-day work of anyone supervising or managing a team. Each session includes key takeaways that can be implemented immediately within your organization.


Taking the Lead

Leadership Pillar: Explore team dynamics.

A team’s strength lies in the diverse talents, backgrounds, and personalities of its individuals. However, these same factors are often the cause of conflict and misunderstandings in the workplace. Taking the Lead is designed to equip your team with the skills to handle conflict effectively while fostering a culture that encourages open communication and prioritizes positive results. Discover the tools and techniques to skillfully navigate these scenarios and unlock the collective power of your team!


Community Leadership Academy

Leadership Pillar: Find your values-based leadership style.

Community Leadership Academy is an experience for individuals looking to enhance their leadership capabilities and connect with like-minded professionals in Eagle County. The program is intended to help participants develop strong values-based leadership skills, create a broad network of confidants, as well as build trust and consistency between agencies.


Specialty Courses

Agile Project Management & Scrum Master Training

Would you like to stay competitive and keep your projects on track in today’s fast-paced landscape? It’s time to break free from traditional approaches and embrace a new way of achieving value. Whether you’re new to the world of Agile project management or Scrum or simply seeking a comprehensive understanding, this course is designed for you. No prior experience required – just a willingness to explore innovative techniques that can revolutionize your projects and processes.


Industry Groups

Industry Groups bring businesses together to explore challenges and share best practices. Industry Groups are curated by VVP staff based on business and community input and will meet 8 times from April – November. The industry groups offered in 2024 will be Women in Business, C-Suite, and Young Professionals.


Personal Finance for Hospitality Staff

The mountain lifestyle can be truly rewarding but – let’s face it – it’s not easy these days. This course is designed for frontline hospitality workers – those who may be in hourly & tipped positions, work multiple jobs, or require a side hustle to make ends meet. Understanding money management and planning for the future can help ease anxiety & depression and make it possible to call this community home for the long run. It doesn’t take a lot of extra cash to make a big difference in your financial future. Join us to learn how to make your money work for you, instead of you working so hard for your money!


Rotating Courses

Board Service Basics

Leadership Pillar: Serve your community through civic engagement.

Are you looking for ways to serve the local community? Does board service sound appealing, but a little intimidating too? Are you new to a board of directors and aren’t quite sure what role you play? Join us for Board Service Basics – an introduction to appointed & elected board service. This course is designed to give you the knowledge and framework to effectively serve on a wide range of local boards – from non-profits to special districts and everything in between! No experience required.


Professional Fundraising Certificate

This training program is customized around the core competencies for nonprofit success. Learn critical information about fundraising, major gift prospecting, solicitation, database segmentation, and winning grants. Understand how business principles guide the operation while building relationships based upon donors’ interests keep a nonprofit strong. This program incorporates knowledge of fundraising in rural communities like the Vail Valley.