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Eat Chat Parent: What Are Your Children Watching?

Expert will discuss media offerings and how it affects young people It’s ten o’clock—do you know what your children are watching? Dr. Steven Schlozman poses the question in regards to his upcoming Eat Chat Parent workshop. It might feel like the time when the family gathered around the TV, negotiating a one-hour program before bed are long gone. Now, young people have so many avenues to take in media from Netflix to YouTube and even...
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As we close out another year (and decade!), the markets in the United States are near all-time highs.  We are starting the twelfth expansionary year since the “Great Recession”. Given this length of time, I tend to believe that there is probably more expansion behind us then ahead of us. That being said, presently there is little bad news in the economy.  We are still seeing record employment and, overall, very positive economic...
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Dreamers Important to Colorado’s Vibrant Communities and Economy

Dreamers Important to Colorado’s Vibrant Communities and Economy For more than seven years, thousands of young Coloradoans have benefited from a wildly successful federal program that has allowed them to attend school and legally work. This program, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, has not only benefited the recipients of the program but the entire state of Colorado through the economic and social contributions...
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