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LEAD Eagle Certification

Leadership, Locally Grown.

In 2023, Vail Valley Works introduced the LEAD Eagle Certification (Leadership Education And Development). This certification is awarded to individuals in Eagle County who show a commitment to their leadership journey by completing the four courses on the LEAD Eagle Pathway.

For the local workforce, the LEAD Eagle Certification is an opportunity to understand the stages of leadership from tactical to strategic. Each course features a specific “Leadership Pillar” and every course in the pathway includes content focused on communication, emotional intelligence, and values-based leadership, to establish a common language for leaders across Eagle County. Participants will also make quality connections across industries and agencies to establish a solid professional network. This network will be a crucial support as participants grow and take the next steps in their leadership journeys.

For local employers, the LEAD Eagle Certification is a strong indicator that an employee or candidate has invested in themselves and put down roots in the local community. You can expect someone with emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and the tools to lead, who comes with a robust professional network. The LEAD Eagle certification is a tool to move current employees to the next level of leadership or integrate new employees into the community.

While most Eagle County employers strive to hire locally, we know it’s not always possible. A key challenge of recruiting outside talent is ensuring they stay in Eagle County. Establishing a network and community connections are vital components to workforce retention – the LEAD Eagle Certification programs are designed to do just that!

The courses can be taken in any order, but the recommended pathway is:

  1. Management Essentials
    • Leadership Pillar: Build your leadership foundation
    • Course Overview: In theory, great leaders are built on a solid foundation. In practice, we’re often thrown into a leadership role without formal training or guidance on the core job functions. Management Essentials covers a variety of practical skills that apply to the day-to-day work of anyone supervising or managing a team.
  2. Taking the Lead: Skills for Unlocking the Power of Your Team
    • Leadership Pillar: Explore team dynamics
    • Course Overview: Taking the Lead is designed to equip your team with the skills to handle conflict effectively while also fostering a team culture that encourages open communication and prioritizes positive results. Participants will learn how to utilize self-awareness to reveal opportunities for adaptation & strategies to navigate the challenges that naturally come with leading or working within a team.
  3. Community Leadership Academy
    • Leadership Pillar: Find your values-based leadership style
    • Course Overview: The Community Leadership Academy brings together professionals from around Eagle County serving the community. The program is intended to help participants develop strong values-based leadership skills, create a broad network of confidants, as well as build trust and consistency between agencies.
  4. Leadership Elective
    • Leadership Pillar: Enrich your leadership journey
    • Course Overview: Leadership is not a linear path. The Leadership Elective allows participants to pursue a skill, certification, or knowledge that allows them to better serve their organization, team, or community. Any course offered through Vail Valley Works is an eligible Leadership Elective and outside courses may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Visit the Course Catalog to explore the current offerings.