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What is a Leads Group?

The mission of a Leads Group is to pass along qualified business referrals, motivate professional growth, troubleshoot roadblocks, and promote the products and services represented by those in the Group.

**NEW FORMAT** – In 2021, Leads Group will offer new ways to connect with peers in a safe, comfortable setting that fits into your schedule. The way we work has changed – the way we network should too! The new Leads Group format consists of 3 elements:

  1. Small Group Networking – the best way to get to know fellow Leads Group members. After all, it’s hard to refer someone you don’t know! Each month, the moderator will assign everyone to small groups of 3 to 4 members. You must meet with your assigned group sometime within the month. You can meet in any way the group chooses (in-person, via Zoom, on the hill, out for drinks/coffee/lunch, etc).
  2. Online Forum – This is how we stay connected in between meetings. In 2021, the Vail Valley Partnership will launch a membership-wide online forum called “VVP Connect”. Within that forum, VVP will create invitation-only “communities”. Leads Group will have its own community for members to use to stay connected in between Small Group meetings. The group will have a discussion board, a library, member profiles and messaging capability.
  3. Large Group Social Outings (Pending COVID-19 Restrictions) – When the time is right, we will bring the whole group together for a few social outings throughout the year


Who participates in a Leads Group?

Leads Group consists of up to 40 members from a wide cross-section of industries. There will be no more than 3 members from any given industry to limit conflicts of interest. The moderator will not assign members of the same industry to a Small Group unless requested. All industries are welcome!

Leads Groups are available to Bronze Level members and above.


What is the time commitment?

You will have one small group meeting per month, with a quick “homework” assignment after your meeting. Additional social events are outside of this time frame, but are always optional.


How do I sign up?

Fill out the form below, or contact VVP Program Manager Anna Robinson at 970-477-4027 for more information.

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