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Industry Listening Program

12 @ 12 Program

12@12 is designed to bring 12 people in the same industry together to collaborate on new ideas, discuss best business practices, and work towards solutions on similar business obstacles. The 12@12 program is intended to provide an open forum for key partners to share feedback on the state of their industries.

12@12 will be an invitation only luncheon hosting 12 executives at 12pm. There will be four 12@12 programs in 2018 featuring some of the valley’s key industries: Nonprofit, Certified Vendors, and Real Estate. Those invited to participate will have the opportunity to discuss industry trends, goals, and issues they anticipate to arise in the future. The 12@12 program is designed to provide businesses with tools and resources to help them maximize their long-term success, not just within the valley, but also within the industry as a whole.

Contact Program and Office Manager Anna Robinson at 970-477-4027 for more information.

2018 12@12 Schedule

  • March 13 – Nonprofit
  • June 13– Certified Vendors
  • September 26 – Nonprofit 2
  • November 7 – Real Estate

The intention of the program is to continue the discussion and provide resources for the issues that are raised. President Chris Romer will attend each 12@12 event to offer the services of the Vail Valley Partnership in order to tackle any issues that surface during the discussion. VVP has the unique opportunity to advocate for change at a regional and state level on those issues that challenge or inhibit the growth of business in the valley.

2017 12@12 Schedule

2016 12@12 Schedule

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