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Advancing Emerging Professionals in our Community

Next Vail Valley

NEXT Vail Valley: Emerging Professionals Program of the VVP is designed to support and advance emerging professionals in our community. This program aims to serve professionals with a ‘mentee’ mindset who seek to learn from and be inspired by established community leaders in the Valley while connecting with other emerging professionals. Please apply for this program if you consider yourself as part of the NEXT generation of professional leaders in the Valley.

NEXT Vail Valley is an opportunity for 12 emerging professionals to meet, converse and engage with a community leader in a group setting. Two separate groups comprised of twelve different participants will be chosen for Session 8. Every month, each NEXT group will meet to reflect on the previous month’s meeting and to prepare for the upcoming meeting with the community leader. While meeting with the community leader, NEXT participants will have 2 hours to inquire and converse with the leader in a group setting about topics determined in the planning meeting. Each NEXT group will meet with a different community leader each month.

Community leader schedule for NEXT Session 8 in 2019 is the following: 

  • July 2019 – Rep. Dylan Roberts
    Colorado State Representative
  • August 2019 – Chief Karl Bauer
    Eagle River FPD
  • September 2019 – Nicole Magistro
    Owner, Bookworm of Edwards
  • October 2019 – Magda King
    General Manager, Antlers at Vail
  • November 2019 – Elaine Kelton
    Vail Leader and Pioneer since ’64
  • December 2019 – Phil Qualman
    Superintendent, Eagle County School District

Program Details

Program Details 

  • Length of program: 6 months (January – June 2020)
  • Time commitment each month: 4 hours; divided into 2 separate two-hour meetings (1 planning meeting & 1 meeting with community leader)
  • Cost: $300, available to Bronze Level or higher VVP members only
  • If attendance is over 80% (10 out of 12 meetings), NEXT participant is eligible to donate $75 to VVP nonprofit member of their choice at completion of program
  • Maximum number of participants: 12
  • Additional benefits to being a NEXT Vail Valley participant: 1 ticket to each Business Forum Series event ($100 value), recognition on VVP website, ability to be a part of NEXT Vail Valley Alumni Group

Participant Requirements 

  1. Must be a VVP Bronze level member of above
  2. Must have a mentee mindset and be willing to learn from the Community Leaders and their fellow NEXT Vail Valley Program participants
  3. Must be willing to dedicate 4 hours a month to the program and work collaboratively with the other program participants
  4. Interested participants must fill out the program application and submit to Erik Williams, by December 15, 2019.

If you have questions on the program details or participation requirements, please contact Erik Williams at 970.477.4000 or before December 15, 2019. 

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