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Benefit & Payroll Savings With Paychex PEO

Become an employer of choice and access best-in-class benefits (Fortune 500) while reducing employer related costs year over year in Health, Ancillary Benefits, Workers Comp, 401K, HR and payroll. (Component choices are flexible.)

Special Paychex PEO pricing for VVP Members includes:

  • Workers Compensation Discount Minimum 10% Off of Your Current Rates (With approved underwriting)
  • Administrative Fee Discount – Minimum 20%
  • Reduced Setup Costs
  • Administration Fee Promo Month 2 – No Admin Fee
  • Group Employee Benefits – Offered & Administered by Paychex
    • Medical on the Paychex Master Plans (with approved underwriting)
      • Large Group Rates, Offer Multiple Plans, Minimum 5 Enrolled
    • Dental, Vision, Life/AD&D, Disability, Voluntary Ancillaries, FSA’s
      • No Minimum Participation, No Employer Contribution Required
    • Retirement Plans
      • Multiple Plan Options, No Minimum Participation, No Employer Contribution or Match Required
      • Paychex does 100% of the Plan Administration & has the Majority of the Fiduciary Liability

Program Sponsors: Paychex PEO in partnership with: United Health Care, Aetna, Loyds, Zurich, Slavic 401k, Chubb, Cigna, Superior

Additional Requirements: 6 or more W-2 Employees

For more information and a no-cost consultation, please contact Scott Trainer:, 970-389-5298

Community Banks of Colorado Health Savings Account - Exclusive Offer

There’s a reason Health Savings Accounts* have become so popular. They offer a powerful benefit for your business, your employees, and you. The HSA is one of the most impactful financial tools available today. And as a community bank, the experts at Community Banks of Colorado are here to help you use an HSA to your advantage. We also offer an exclusive discount to Vail Valley Partnership members.

Key benefits of HSAs:

  • The HSA is the only savings option that provides a Triple Tax Benefit**. Contributions are tax deductible , earnings  are tax exempt, and distributions are not taxed if used for qualified medical expenses.
  • The HSA has no “use it or lose it” aspect. Contributions that are not used can be saved for futuremedical expense needs and goals.
  • The HSA offers tremendous flexibility. You own all contributions and earnings and you decide when to use your HSA funds. 

Plus, offering HSAs contributes to a competitive benefit package that will help you hire and retain employees, while reducing expenses. If you’re ready to learn more, contact Lisa Wolff at 913.998.7044 or Bonn San Diego at 970.477.3824. You can also use our HSA calculator to see how an HSA can evolve into a key savings tool, or visit our Health Savings Account webpage for more information.

*Only available with high deductible health plans.
**Please consult your tax professional.

COVID Testing Concierge Service - 25% Off for VVP Members

VVP Members receive 25% off COVID-19 testing services. Your COVID Testing Concierge provides residents and guests peace of mind while administering COVID-19 tests in the privacy of their homes, businesses or vacation accommodations.

For more details or to request your discount code, please contact Myriah Blair (Highline Medical Solutions) –

Elevated Dental - Elevated Care Plan

Our in-office care plan provides 2 basic cleanings, a comprehensive exam, a periodic exam, a full set of X-rays and 10% any other treatment you may want or need. Normally $300 for the first family member per year, we are extending a $50 discount to VVP members and their employees to show our appreciation for all the VVP does for our community! Additional family members are $250/year, and children under 12 are $200/year. To be eligible, you cannot have active dental insurance coverage.

Please call our office or visit our website for more information: (970) 476-3991,

Excel Health Plans

New Vail Valley Healthcare Option!

Excel Health Plans is now available to you and your employees – you have a new option for 1/1/2022 and beyond! Our plan designs and contracts can reduce premiums 20-30% while improving the quality of benefits for your employees. We believe healthier benefits help create healthier businesses. We help employers take back control of their second-largest expense. And we make it easy for employees to be healthier and more productive. Minimum of 5 employees must enroll.

Find out more today! Visit for more information. For a custom quote, please contact us at

One Valley Healthcare Program

Did you know, less than 50% of small businesses in the US offer healthcare? We’d like to change that in Eagle County.

Vail Valley Partnership’s One Valley Healthcare Program, in partnership with the Small Association Leadership Alliance (SALA), is a comprehensive and cost-effective alternative to traditional plans. This new program offers affordable, accessible, and effective healthcare options for Vail Valley Partnership members – both businesses and individuals alike. The One Valley Healthcare Program provides a high-quality, affordable healthcare solution for employers, employees and sole-proprietors. While not health insurance, the program provides 100% coverage for preventative care, options for co-payment features with 100% coverage, and addresses unforeseen medical expenses, such as illness and injury.

This program is not insurance. It is an alternative solution that features a choice of two preventative care plans, each coupled with a medical cost sharing membership for sharing expenses related to unexpected medical needs. Participants can expect to save as much as 60% when compared to health insurance!

The One Valley Healthcare Program, in partnership with SALA, is one solution to the high cost of healthcare in the mountain region!

Key Takeaways:

  • Available to businesses AND individuals
  • Available to full-time, part-time and seasonal staff
  • Lowers healthcare costs by as much as 60%
  • Enrollment is monthly – you may join at any time
  • Offers a choice of two high-quality, affordable healthcare solutions


Workers Compensation Discount Program

VVP Members are now eligible to receive a chamber sponsored discount when purchasing workers’ compensation through VVP affiliation program.

Who is eligible?

  • VVP members in good standing at Copper Level or above.
  • Maintain a 50% or better loss ratio using up to the most recent four policy periods, excluding the current policy period, in either: 1) all but one policy period; or 2) cumulatively using up to the four most recent policy periods.
  • Must have at least 24 months continuous prior worker’s compensation coverage.
  • Must attend or complete at least (2) two Affinity Program-approved risk management training sessions within the first 10 months of policy period.
  • Demonstrate effective hiring, risk, and claims management programs.
  • Demonstrate management commitment to creating a safe workplace.
  • Implement a return-to-work program.
  • Meet all First Comp underwriting criteria.
  • Complete policy premium audits on all policy periods.

How much can members save?
Eligible members will receive a discount between 15-25% based on underwriting criteria.

Sponsors: Vail Valley Partnership, Martin Insurance Group, Rocky Mountain Insurance & Financial, First Comp

For more information, please contact Graham Wren at 970.328.6399 or by email at