Healthcare Resources for Businesses

Explore your options.

Explore Healthcare Options for Your Business

Did you know, less than 50% of small businesses in the US offer healthcare? It’s no secret that healthcare in Eagle County is expensive – we have compiled a list of resources to help you navigate the healthcare landscape for your business & employees. Explore the list of insurance & insurance alternatives below and the VVP will continue to work on additional solutions to ease the burden of healthcare on our local workforce.

Oasis PEO Group Benefits

  • Large Group Healthcare Savings for Small Businesses
  • With a minimum of 5 employees enrolled, you can enjoy access to the Oasis large group of 1.8 million people using Aetna and UHC benefits
  • Health, dental, vision & life insurance as well as short & long term disability options available
  • Employee orientation & enrollment meetings included
  • For more information contact Scott Trainer,

Excel Health Plans

New Vail Valley Healthcare Option!

Excel Health Plans is now available to you and your employees – you have a new option for 1/1/2022 and beyond! Our plan designs and contracts can reduce premiums 20-30% while improving the quality of benefits for your employees. We believe healthier benefits help create healthier businesses. We help employers take back control of their second-largest expense. And we make it easy for employees to be healthier and more productive.

Minimum of 5 employees must enroll.

Find out more today! Visit for more information. For a custom quote, please contact us at

One Valley Healthcare Program - 1Complete For Groups

SALA is proud to offer the new 1Complete program for groups of three or more. Built on the success of the original SALA One Valley Healthcare Program that put together Apex preventive care and Sedera medical cost-sharing for an innovative and cost-effective alternative for members.

The SALA 1Complete Solution is a fully integrated multi-benefit healthcare solution for employees and their families (3 Employee Minimum Participation). The solution is a multi-provider health care strategy that supplies specific benefits from best-in-class providers on a single integrated platform. The solution provides:

  • A single health care strategy providing multiple healthcare benefits.
  • Restoring the relationship between a patient and physician.
  • Removing the bureaucracy that exists in current plans with physicians, health care systems and insurance carriers.
  • Initiate healthcare options that provide transparency on the cost of care.
  • Allow members to choose any doctor, any hospital, anywhere.
  • Improve the member experience.
  • Lower Plan Level Costs, 50 to 60% lower in most cases.
  • Lower Individual Out-of-Pocket Costs.
  • One Consumer App for All Services
  • Click here to learn more!

Questions? Please contact SALA – or 888-994-4979

9Health - 365:Comprehensive

Finally. An affordable health benefit your employees will actually use.  

Unlike insurance, 365:Comprehensive is simple, easy to understand, and can reduce out-of-pocket costs. It’s text-first, 24/7, no-appointment needed telehealth that connects to a licensed physician in less than 60 seconds. It also includes a screening that provides 28 essential measures of health and unlimited advice from medical professionals – all at no extra charge.  

Benefits for employers:

  • Works for uninsured, underinsured, or already insured employees.
  • Helps small businesses with tight budgets compete for talent without breaking the bank.
  • Potential cost savings over time as employees learn how to be healthier and better consumers of health.
  • Added value that meets the high expectations of today’s competitive workforce.

Benefits for employees: 

  • Avoid costly visits to the ER, urgent care, and clinics
  • 60-second access to medical professionals for quick answers and insights. Any time of the day or night. Any day of the year.
  • No appointment necessary.
  • 28 essential measures of health in one screening.
  • Unlimited online health education and motivation.

Get it now for only $80/year with the code: 21VVPmember12

Learn more about our affordable health screenings, free online assessments, and health advice and information.