Inner Matrix Power Series

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Course Details

Series Name: Inner Matrix Power Series 

Facilitated By: Various Instructors from Inner Matrix Systems

Format: In-Person & Virtual Options Available (In-Person locations vary)

Transform Your Teams Through Inner Training and Discover the Power of the Mind and Emotions

Inner Matrix Systems is the art and science of personal mastery grounded in understanding and shifting the deep mental, emotional and physical patterns that can keep us from reaching our true potential. Utilize the IMS proven curriculum to support yourself, your employees, enhance company culture and increase overall productivity. Click Here to View an IMS Introductory Video.

The Power Series consists of four, 12-week modules. These modules can be taken in any order you choose. Employees can register on their own; groups of 10 or more can request a custom session.

  • Q1: Power of Focus (12 Weeks)
  • Q2: Power of Emotion (12 Weeks)
  • Q3: Power of Vision (12 Weeks)
  • Q4: Power of Intuition (12 Weeks)

Employees Who Have Participated in the Inner Matrix Systems Classes Have Reported:

  • Increased mental clarity and focus
  • Improved ability to handle the stresses of life
  • More fulfilled and productive
  • Happier and peaceful at work and at home

Organizations Who Have Participated in the Inner Matrix Systems Classes Have Reported:

  • Employees who self-manage well
  • Employees who aren’t afraid of change
  • Enhanced business productivity
  • Increase in confident, effective leaders
  • Decrease in Absenteeism

Module Descriptions:


The mind is vast and can be a powerful tool if you understand how it works. You can gain deeper awareness with training and practice. Learn to increase your ability to focus, which studies have shown, influences productivity, efficiency and the health of your relationships. Practical outcomes include stress management, increased productivity and efficiency, and improved relationships and quality of life. Click to View a Power of Focus Video


Emotions influence and impact every area of life – your career and finances, your state of health and vitality, and your relationships. Power of Emotion offers you tools to identify emotions and their triggers, and strategies to manage and direct them, giving you the power to choose your experience of life. Practical outcomes include expanded emotional intelligence, increased capacity for success in every relationship, and the ability to find your center regardless of your circumstances. Click to View a Power of Emotion video


The Power of Vision supports people to remember what is important in their lives which leads to inspiration. Through this series, we support your team members, and therefore your overall company culture, by training a step-by-step process to ignite vision in both their personal and professional lives. Practical outcomes include the ability to define your vision, motivate yourself to take action and recalibrate as needed. Click to View a Power of Vision Video


Intuition is your highest form of intelligence and your greatest guide on your journey of personal mastery. Power of Intuition we explore common myths and misconceptions about intuition, and the practical truth of what it is and how it works. You will learn tools and techniques to bridge the gap from where you are to where you choose to go. Practical outcomes include increased confidence in decision making, the ability to access and act on your highest intelligence, and personal empowerment to reach your fullest potential. Click to View a Power of Intuition Video

Pricing & Registration

Pricing: $348/module

  • Includes a weekly 1-hour class and access to online materials – teachings, inner training/meditations and daily action plans.



  • Groups of 10 or more can request a custom class to be conducted at the location of your choice. If your organization is interested, please complete this form to schedule a free consultation regarding your team.
  • Complimentary Guest Pass – Want to check out a class to see what it’s all about? Experience Inner Matrix Systems training and meet people in our community by joining one class as a guest. Select one of the regular class times listed above for a first-hand experience to learn practical tools you can begin to apply immediately. To RSVP, go to the TRAINER PAGE select one of the trainers from the schedule above then scroll down to Guest Pass to attend one of their classes.
  • Questions? Contact:, (970) 390-9702


“We utilized the teachings and tools to break through the negative ruts to create a more positive and productive work and home life. I highly recommend this class and believe any individual that is interested in personal growth will benefit from this material.” – Boeing Portland, Business Operations

“It is true that the more we train ourselves to look for what is going well, the more we find, and that information greatly impacts the trajectory of the day. It pulls me out of a fear-based state, and with the change in framing, enables me to think more rationally and tap into my creativity to deal with challenges and solve problems.” – Eagle County Government

“This program shifted my whole perspective on what it means to be a Leader. I fully enjoyed the intellectual stimulus and learned a coherent and integrative system that is applicable to all areas of my life.” – IBM, Austin, Texas