Community Resiliency Bootcamp

Community Resiliency Bootcamp Overview

Vail Valley Partnership is pleased to introduce Community Resiliency Bootcamp, an opportunity to dive deep with likeminded professionals into eight different issues that are defining the future of Eagle County.

Vail Valley Partnership has made a commitment to the quality of Eagle County’s future. We are pleased to offer this as a part of Vail Valley Works, the premier local program for establishing, training, and supporting a network of aware and knowledgeable citizens ready to take on the challenges of an ever-changing community.


Our business community has been, and still is, facing an unprecedented disruption.  We believe that the way through these issues is together, with our friends and neighbors who are experiencing similar struggles but know the benefit of working towards solutions together.

Whether you live, work or just play in Eagle County, you’ve made a conscious choice to do so thanks to the incredible quality of life and opportunities that are afforded you here.  However, as with any great place, there are underlying issues that we can all learn more about with the goal of coming together around solutions.

At Vail Valley Partnership we believe in creating change and supporting innovation and that it will begin with a firm commitment to seriously analyze our challenges and to identify, educate, train, and support our business leaders to shed a light on those issues. We’re making the commitment develop the intelligent, creative, and energetic local leadership network that is essential for the community to achieve its full potential.

Each topic will be led by local and regional experts. Each topic will also feature a “takeaway” comprised of information and strategies that you can start to implement immediately around each of these topics. The group will be limited to 20 participants to encourage a focused and comfortable discussion format.

Program Details

The Community Resiliency Bootcamp topics and 2-hour sessions that will take place from June to October of 2020 are:

  • Navigating Normal – Where we’ve been, what’s ahead of us.  This opening session will cover the new realities we’re dealing with in customer service, cleaning procedures and moving through the stages of recovery.  Takeaway: Clear checklists that they can take back to their business and implement.
  • Caring for Employees (Behavioral Health) – Eagle Valley Behavioral Health will guide us through the BH repercussions we’re seeing, what to look for in our employees and ourselves as warning signs and what types of help are available. Takeaway: Behavioral health resources and guidance. Speaker: Chris Lindley, Eagle Valley Behavioral Health
  • Childcare and Healthcare – Childcare and Healthcare – We will discuss current Eagle County practices, what’s to look for in the future. Takeaway: Healthcare and Childcare policies that have been proven as examples.  Speakers: Early Childhood Partners; Jeannie McQueeny, Eagle County Government; Will Cook, Vail Health
  • Environmental Sustainability – Love your Mother (Earth)! There is no better time (as we’re examining our systems) to become a more sustainable business. Discussion will also include Transit options. Takeaway: Easily adoptable/affordable/ROI procedures for going green. Speaker: Walking Mountains Science Center, ECO Transit, CAC
  • Housing and Community Resiliency – The final session will include a discussion on housing and looking to the future here in Eagle County and what effect that will have on our business community. Discussion will also include questions from previous session and a look forward. Takeaway: Formation of a group that will continue to share resources and network.  Speakers:  Chris Romer, Vail Valley Partnership; Kim Williams, Eagle County Housing & Vail Valley Home Store; Eagle County Government

Each topic will be led by local and regional experts. The group will be limited to 20 participants to encourage a focused and comfortable discussion format.


  •  Full Course: $500 – VVP Member Price | $750 – Public Price
  • *40% off for member nonprofits
  • A-al-carte: $125 – VVP Members Price | $150 – Public Price
    *no availability for public/no non-profit pricing


  • More knowledge around each community issue
  • Strengthened relationships with those who are active in helping our community
  • Action items and ideas for continued support
  • A certificate of completion for the Community Resiliency Bootcamp
    *1 of 3 Vail Valley Works certificates. Participants who complete NEXT Emerging Professionals program, Community Leadership Academy and Community Issues Bootcamp will receive a Vail Valley Works certificate of achievement.


Erik Williams
Director of Community Development
Tel: 970-477-4000