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Strengthening Eagle County's Workforce

About Vail Valley Works

Vail Valley Partnership has made a commitment to strengthening Eagle County’s current and future workforce. We are pleased to introduce Vail Valley Works as the premier local source for professional development. Our professional development programming is designed to establish, train, and support a network of local leaders who are ready to take on the challenges of an ever-changing community.

If a community is seriously interested in creating change and supporting innovation, it will begin with a firm commitment to analyze its challenges and to identify, educate, train, and support a team of public and private sector community leaders to attack those issues. Without that commitment, a community cannot develop the intelligent, creative, and energetic local professional network that is essential for the community to achieve its full potential.

Vail Valley Works professional development courses are divided into three categories:

Signature Courses: The quality of life in a community is determined by the quality of its leadership. Vail Valley Works Signature Courses are curated to explore three vital pillars of leadership – 1) Finding your internal leadership style, 2) Expanding your leadership network, 3) Exploring leadership opportunities through local community issues and solutions.


Specialty Courses: Vail Valley Works Specialty Courses are designed to help professionals upskill through specialized trainings. These courses offer opportunities to expand your current skill set or acquire something completely new! Upskilling is a proven way to bring more value to your organization and make yourself a stronger job candidate.


Affiliate Courses: Affiliate courses are learning opportunities curated by subject matter experts. These courses cover a wide range of topics and come in a variety of formats. Many of these courses are “101-level” learning – perfect for those looking for an introduction to a new skill, industry, or topic without a hefty investment.



Vail Valley Works Events

Community Resiliency Bootcamp