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Platinum Service Program

PROGRAM UPDATE (Effective 10/2019): After careful consideration, the VVP has decided to end the Platinum Service Program in its existing format. With almost every participating businesses scoring 90% or higher, we feel the program has successfully achieved its goal of helping businesses provide higher levels of customer service!

If you would like to continue or start a new contract with Customer Impact, you can do so by contacting Bridgette Gallander (

Congratulations to the 2018/2019 Platinum Service Award winners!

These businesses were evaluated a minimum of 6 times during the 18/19 ski season and received an average score of 90% or higher. 

Customer service is a point of distinction and what sets competitive businesses apart. With this in mind, the Platinum Service Program (PSP) is one of Vail Valley Partnership’s signature programs and focuses solely on creating and rewarding superior customer service experiences. To do this, PSP uses a series of mystery- shops designed to help businesses provide higher levels of customer service through a comprehensive platform. The Vail Valley Partnership is pleased to partner with Customer Impact, one of the largest firms in the Mystery Shop industry.

PSP will help businesses establish customer service expectations, set goals and reward outstanding service by providing mystery shopper evaluations to participating businesses. These customizable evaluations will offer detailed feedback on the guest’s perception of your business in order to help you identify areas for improvement and opportunities to celebrate exceptional guest experiences. Businesses can expect to be able to login and receive results within 48 hours of being shopped. The digital dashboard also includes comparative information such as year-to-date results and ranking systems to better understand where an individual business stands among its peers.


“The Platinum Service Program has been a great tool for our team at Edwards Station. We use the detailed evaluations as a way to reward great service and also as a teaching opportunity. We train all our new employees on our service standards and let them know that they could be shopped at any time. Then we get to see those standards in action through our mystery shop evaluations. When an employee is singled out for great service, they get a $50 gift card. When there are areas for improvement, we can coach up the staff. It’s a fun, effective way to keep an eye on your team, without making them feel micromanaged.” – Chris Dudar, Edwards Station


“The mystery shopper program keeps all of us on our toes and motivates us to provide Legendary Service to anyone who calls or inquires about our services whether they are asking about our ski rentals or anything ski related. If we are talking with a customer over the phone or if we are customer facing with a drop-in to our shop, they are treated with respect and feel as if they are our most important client.” – Steve Giangiulio, Ski Butlers


“The program is good for us because it was a fun way for us to challenge our team. We already had great service, but this helped us crystallize what things help make it that way. We were transparent with our team regarding what things secret shoppers would look out for, which kept everyone on their toes with behaviors that quickly became positive habits for them. It certainly made some team members nervous, but everyone felt a sense of pride when they got to read their positive reviews.” – Andy Jessen, Bonfire Brewing


“All Vail Public Library staff who are evaluated through the VVP Platinum Service Program are submitted to the management team at the Town of Vail for further recognition in the town’s Employee Rewards Program.  These nominations not only earn the employee public recognition throughout the entire town including Town Council, Department Heads and all TOV staff.  But in addition, each nominee is also awarded a cash bonus – typically a $25 gift card to a local merchant.  This is a very proud moment for all TOV staff, library included, as we take customer service very seriously here!  It’s so much a part of our culture.  It’s also very heartwarming for the honored employee to read what the mystery shopper has had to say.  More often than not, the employee recalls the episode which is always fun!” – Lori Barnes, Vail Public Library