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CareerWise – Changing the Face of Apprenticeships

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CareerWise coordinates apprenticeships among businesses, students, and educators that create opportunities for long-term impact. Today, the burden of educating the newest members of Colorado’s workforce falls directly on our schools; therefore, this is something that needs to change and should be a joint effort.

CareerWise apprenticeships in Eagle County breaks down financial barriers, creating a highly-skilled workforce that meets the complex demands of Colorado mountain resort companies, and provides multiple options for the student upon successful completion of the program. A robust, business-led apprenticeship program that meets the needs of all students will put Colorado schools and businesses on a path towards success.

CareerWise is a non-profit organization focused on developing a robust apprenticeship program in Colorado that addresses the needs of businesses and students. By serving as an intermediary working with businesses, educators, and students, we are creating a program that provides all involved with numerous benefits. Students completing the apprenticeship will gain real-world skills and credentials that provide them with options to enter the workplace in a high-paying job or continue their education. In this program, businesses play a large role in building their own skilled and loyal workforce.

Vail Valley Partnership, in collaboration with Eagle County Schools, Colorado Mountain College, and YouthPower365, is happy to bring CareerWise to Eagle County. Read our press release to learn more about this exciting program. To learn more or to participate, contact Erik Williams at 970.477.4000, explore our website, and visit


WATCH: Hear from Alpine Bank and their first apprentice as they share the experience and success of CareerWise.


CareerWise in the News & Media

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CareerWise was part of a Good Morning America Segment about apprenticeships. One of Pinnacol Assurance’s first project coordinator apprentices, Byonce, was spotlighted in the episode.

WATCH: PBS NEWS HOUR (August 29, 2017)
Colorado Apprenticeship Program video from PBS

Some high school students in Colorado may get prime jobs even before they get their diplomas. That’s because CareerWise, the nation’s first statewide youth apprenticeship program, links students to industries and addresses manufacturers’ demand for skills, while offering employment, academic credit and support for college. Hari Sreenivasan reports as part of our Rethinking College series.