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Introduction to CareerWise
Thanks for your interest in the CareerWise modern youth apprenticeship program. We are building 2-year apprenticeships with local companies and students and finding incredible success with this program. We’re in our 4th year now with 15 apprentices currently working throughout the valley in a number of different jobs. We’re working with companies like Alpine Bank, Bravo! Vail, Encore Electric, Gallegos, Mountain Youth, Shaeffer Hyde, Westin Resort and Spa, Vail Resorts and many more.

What they will earn:

  • College Credit – Earn debt-free, career relevant higher ed credits to help them reach their goals.
  • Hourly wage – Get paid to gain experience: on average $16-20 per hour.
  • Industry certificate – Earn a credential, such as certified Associate in Project Management— lets employers know they’re ready to work.
  • Real-world Experience – Gain meaningful work experience and explore their passions while building a professional network.

Getting Started

The Occupations list gives a brief description of the jobs we are offering.  REMEMBER, if you don’t see your specific job that you would like to offer listed here, please don’t be concerned. We are able to fit any job you might offer into these occupations (for example, we have many in the Business Operations: Project Coordinator role as it can serve many different industries).

Apprenticeship Occupation Selection Guide – This can help your business narrow down your hiring needs, especially if you’re not sure which department might work best with an apprentice.

Next Steps

After you’ve digested the general information, we encourage you to reach out to Erik Williams at This is so that questions are answered and conversations can be had in further detail about what this looks like. Then, once you decide that this is going to work for your business we will start getting job titles and descriptions in place for the position(s) you are hiring.

*REMEMBER, because you offer a position does NOT mean you need to fill it.  Of course it’s the goal of the program and you will have a great pool of applicants based on what we’re seeing, however we need this to be successful from the business side first.

After that we’ll get to a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with you (business) VVP and CareerWise. We will need the number of positions offered, titles and brief descriptions. We are hiring for students who will start work in the summer and fall and interviews will take place late-winter and spring each year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Erik Williams at or Christy Beidel at


Learn more about CareerWise Apprenticeships and other Eagle County work-based opportunities from an information session September 12, 2023.

Participating Businesses

Active Energies Solar, Alpine Bank, Antlers at Vail, Base Mountain Sports, Beaver Creek Lodge, Berit Brooks, Bishop, Charlie’s T-shirts, Colorado Mountain Medical, Colorado Pool & Spa Scapes, Eagle County School District, Eagle County Paramedic Services, Eye Pieces of Vail, Family Learning Center, FirstBank, Gallegos, Grand Hyatt Vail, PSI Plumbing Systems, Ptarmigan Sports, RA Nelson, The Ritz-Carlton Vail, The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa, Vail Valley Foundation, Vail Health and Vail Resorts.