VVP Hospitality Day @ Peace Love Aerial Yoga

VVP Hospitality Day @ Peace Love Aerial Yoga

Event date: This event has already passed.

Classes are offered throughout the day - see schedule below

Peace Love Aerial Yoga
Meadow Mountain Business Park
23698 US Hwy 24, Suite A2
Minturn , Colorado 81645

Join us for a high-flying VVP Hospitality Day at Peace, Love, Aerial Yoga in Minturn! P.L.A.Y classes are fun, motivating, intimate and safe. Our instructors provide insightful feedback and a well-rounded experience. From ribbons to rings to barre – each class is guaranteed to make you sweat, laugh and (of course) P.L.A.Y!

All VVP Hospitality Day classes are offered at the low price of $10, which goes directly to your amazing instructor! This activity is intended for VVP member businesses only. No children will be allowed to participate. Please scroll down (below class descriptions) to register!

Did you know? All VVP members (Copper level & above) are eligible for an exclusive $89 Unlimited Monthly Membership at Peace, Love Aerial Yoga! This offer is not available to the general public – please click here for details.

Choose from the following classes (Scroll down to register!):

  • 9:15am – Aerial Yoga (Limit 10)
  • 3:45pm – Bungee Fitness (Limit 6)
  • 5:00pm – Lyra (Aerial Hoop) (Limit 9)
  • 6:15pm – Aerial Yoga (Limit 10)

Class Descriptions:

  • Aerial Yoga (strength, balance, flexibility) – In Aerial yoga we use a silk hammock attached to the ceiling as a powerful and effective prop to practice yoga. This is similar to a traditional yoga  on the floor, where we may use any number of props such as a block, a blanket, a strap or a bolster to help assist in our practice. In aerial yoga we use the hammock throughout the entire  almost as a super-prop that assists us in varying ways across a multitude of postures, seamlessly transitioning from one position to the next. The hammock singularly supports, deepens and challenges each students’ yoga practice. And unlike a floor based yoga, we also employ the hammock to allow us to safely swing, fly and invert. (wheeee!)

What To Wear: A sleeved shirt is required along with your comfortable yoga clothes. Jewelry and fragrances are not permitted. Water bottle recommended.

  • Bungee Fitness (endurance, strength)- This class is an innovative approach to a low impact cardio fitness class inspired by proven methods for sports performance rehabilitation. Almost concurrently, bungee fitness came to the states from Germany and bungee dance from Thailand. We use the bungee cords to provide a supportive spring that allows us to do multiple repetitions of traditional strength exercises like squats and pushups without the customary strain on one’s joints. Additionally, we can use the bungee cords for cardio and strength resistance training. The play and bounce of the bungee is the primary element of this class, and students are surprised that they are getting a good workout because they are having so much fun!

What to Wear: Comfortable but non-bulky workout wear, recommend bike shorts with chamois for extra comfort, water bottle recommended.

  • Lyra (strength, balance, flexibility) – This class is a killer strength and creative movement class using a suspended steel aerial hoop. The Lyra is one of the older aerial arts. In each  we do significant conditioning on the floor before learning and practicing new and already acquired skills. Each student truly works at their own appropriate level and understanding of the apparatus as we take turns working on skills, transitions, controlling the innate movement of the hoop and eventually creating combinations of skills. You will improve your upper body and core strength by working under, inside, and above the suspended hoop. You will cultivate confidence, artistry, and grace as you master foundational skills and sequence them together building stamina.

What to Wear: Snug fitting athletic wear, no jewelry on hands, water bottle recommended.

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