Vail Valley Works adds new program, Community Resiliency Bootcamp

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  • Vail Valley Works adds new program, Community Resiliency Bootcamp

(EDWARDS, Colorado – May 19, 2020) Strengthening Eagle County’s Workforce

Vail Valley Partnership (VVP) has made a commitment to the quality of Eagle County’s future. As we rise from this unprecedented disruption in the wake of COVID19, we are again reminded that we are stronger together.  In that spirit VVP is offering Community Resiliency Bootcamp, a five session group learning opportunity where business leaders can walk through the steps of recovery together, with a focus on the major community issues and led by experts in their field.

The first session will align our group on post-pandemic policies in regard to cleaning, touchless payment and customer service.  The next two sessions shift to healthcare, childcare and behavioral health with clear and data driven policies for businesses to start implementing immediately.  Experts on Environmental Sustainability will guide us through easily adoptable procedures to increase our ROI while helping reduce our carbon footprint.  Finally, housing experts will discuss options for increasing future workforce housing inventory including steps businesses can take now to lay the groundwork for long term solutions.

“This community has a long history of coming together and supporting each other when times get rough.  We wanted to give business owners a chance to work through the processes of reopening, changes in procedure, etc side-by-side with others experiencing the same challenges.” Says Community Development Director Erik Williams of Vail Valley Partnership. “In the same way we needed to be separate to be safe, we absolutely need to be together to be successful, it’s what this community is built on.”

Vail Valley Partnership strongly believes that if a community is seriously interested in creating change and supporting innovation, it will begin with a firm commitment to analyze its challenges and to identify, educate, train, and support a team of public and private sector community leaders to attack those issues. It is only by coming together that a community can develop the intelligent, creative and energetic local leadership network that is essential for the community to achieve its full potential.

VVP Members receive special savings on these programs, including nonprofit rates.  The intention is to be able to have this group meet in person, however we will closely follow public health guidelines with respect to our safety and the safety of others.

About Vail Valley Works

Vail Valley Works is the premier local program for developing, training, and supporting a network of aware and knowledgeable business leaders ready to take on the challenges of an ever-changing community.

Vail Valley Works includes three Signature Courses— Community Leadership Academy, Community Resiliency Bootcamp and NEXT Emerging Leaders— with the intended goal of deeper community engagement, a better understanding of the issues facing Eagle County and personal leadership development.

  • Community Leadership Academy (Jan-July, July-Dec) is an experience for individuals looking to enhance their leadership capabilities and connect with likeminded professionals in Eagle County.
  • NEXT Emerging Leaders (Jan-June) is an opportunity to meet with six dynamic community leaders, learn from their success and growth in this valley and grow your professional network.
  • Community Resiliency Bootcamp (June-Oct) is an opportunity to learn about specific issues affecting our community including Housing, Healthcare, Behavioral Health, Childcare, Community Sustainability and Resiliency.  Each topic will be led by local and regional experts.

Coming Soon: Specialty Courses (which will include specific trainings for civic leaders, tourism professionals, customer service, small business startups and more) and Affiliate Courses where we will leverage the incredible work already being done in this community by our partners and be able to offer more specific and advanced courses.

To learn more and register for courses, visit the website at, or contact Community Development Director Erik Williams at