Town of Vail

Town of Vail

Vail’s lifestyle combines one of the best alpine resorts in the world with a friendly, small-town feel. Vail’s economy is supported through a year-round viable business environment that meets the market demands of both residents and guests. Major redevelopment of much of the town has expanded and enhanced Vail’s pedestrian and commercial areas, which provides a strengthened tax base. A diversity of retail, lodging, dining, special events and service businesses, and both indoor and outdoor recreation opportunities funds a growing employment and revenue base. The town’s strong infrastructure, environmental stewardship and its cooperation with economic and community partners greatly benefits Vail’s economy. Through prudent cost-management and balancing of diversified revenue sources, the municipality boasts sustainable funding for its capital and operational needs.

The mission of economic development in Vail is to sustain a vibrant, multi-seasonal economy for those who live, work and play in the Vail community. Plans for accomplishing this include:

  • Building strong relationships between the Town of Vail and the Vail business community
  • Increasing the Town of Vail’s economic activity as measured by sales tax revenue
  • Focusing on building a year-round economy
  • Providing support for a quality workforce
  • Providing support for sustaining, upgrading and maintaining Vail’s capital assets
  • Supporting the stimulation of services and businesses located in the Town of Vail

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