Welcome Home

You Belong in Eagle County

The Mountains are Calling. Pick Up.

Return to Your Rocky Mountain Retreat

There is no better place to be this summer than at your home in Eagle County. The weather is perfect with cool, comfortable evenings and sunny Rocky Mountain days. With tourism on hold, locals enjoy a relaxing pace of life and an abundance of open space. We’ve always got room for our residents, and having you here makes our community complete.

“We look forward to seeing you back in Eagle County and hope you’re making plans to return to your mountain home. We’re leading the way in community health, and we’re sure you will find plenty of space to relax, work and play here.  Welcome home!”

Your Eagle County Board of County Commissioners
Kathy Chandler-Henry, Jeanne McQueeney, Matt Scherr

A Healthy Dose of Life

A Message from Vail Health CEO, Will Cook

Eagle County has become the country’s guiding light for COVID-19 containment and recovery efforts. Your beloved community led Colorado in flattening the curve, has conducted the most COVID-19 tests per capita, and is the first county in the state to welcome our second-home owners back. Come join us at altitude for a summer of fresh air and outdoor fun.

“As the community’s healthcare system, Vail Health is prepared to welcome second-home owners back into our area and has the capacity to accommodate the Valley’s physical and behavioral health needs,” said Vail Health President and CEO Will Cook. “Vail Health’s Clean Clinic Promise is our commitment to provide a safe environment for people to seek the care they need and deserve while in our community.”

  • Eagle County leads Colorado in containing COVID-19.
  • Our community’s response has created a comfortable environment.
  • World-class medical care means you’re in safe hands.
  • Our medical facilities have ample capacity to support your well-being.

The 5 Commitments of Containment

Personal Responsibility Means Everything.

Eagle County is pleased to welcome all of our residents to join us for a beautiful rocky mountain summer. As you pack your bags, please don’t forget to bring along a sense personal responsibility to keep everyone safe and healthy. The “5 Commitments of Containment” have been the community’s basic playbook for containing COVID-19. We ask that all residents pledge to support these fundamental safety measures.

“Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With Freedom comes responsibility.” – Eleanor Roosevelt”

Travel Here Safely

Vail Valley Jet Center’s President & CEO Paul Gordon welcomes second homeowners and avid air travelers to utilize the premier services of the world-class FBO.