Welcome Home

You Belong in Eagle County

The Mountains are Calling. Pick Up.

You are one of us. Welcome Home.

Nothing beats the feeling you get when your community loves you back. Our beautiful valley  delivers tranquility, comfort, and compassion — the only thing missing is you. This is your opportunity to work from home, recreate, and relax all in the same day. This is your place for reprieve, and your home feels lonely without you. Pack your bags for the duration and head up to the hills. Welcome home, neighbor.

Your Healthy Dose of Life.

When COVID-19 came to Colorado, Eagle County emerged as a leader in containment and recovery efforts. Today, our beloved community remains vigilant in protecting the mental and physical well being of all residents. Recharge your body and mind away from the crowds. Take comfort knowing you’re surrounded by world class medical facilities. Come join us at altitude for clean, fresh air and mountains of outdoor activities.

Your New Normal: Remote Control

Working from home? We’ve got the perfect place to focus.

There has never been a better time to make a big change, to place your wellbeing above all else. Your home in the mountains awaits you and your workload. Educate the kids at elevation, Zoom with colleagues, find your groove in the great outdoors. This is your chance to go remote and take control, and Eagle County is the perfect place to get started. Bring your to-do list, settle in, and stay for a while.

Work-Life Balance

Finding balance between work and play comes easy in the right environment. Your mountain home invites you to appreciate life’s splendors while still getting the job done. Capitalize on this opportunity to take a few turns on your lunch break. Spend time by the river and get the creative energy flowing again. This is where inspiration abounds and your dreams come first. Come find what you’ve been missing, Carpe diem!

Helpful Resources & Community Information

Flying to Eagle County

Vail Valley Jet Center and Eagle County Regional Airport welcomes second homeowners and avid air travelers to utilize the premier services of the world-class FBO and newly renovated airport terminal. Skip the traffic by flying in your family with transportation services like shuttles, car rentals and more.