Power of Vision Meditation Series

A Vail Valley Works Affiliate Course

Presented by Inner Matrix Systems

Power of Vision Meditation Series

Facilitator: Kristi Moon, Inner Matrix Systems

Format: In-Person

Dates: Thursdays, Weekly (July 8th – September 23rd), 10am – 11am

Location: Avon TBD

Cost: $348/person (Includes weekly class & access to online materials)

Intended For:

  • Employees who seek to achieve more focus, productivity and stress management skills
  • Leaders who strive to empower their teams to be more confident and effective
  • Teams looking to become highly productive while maintaining a focus on well-being

Course Description:

Mindfulness: How it Impacts Your Employees, Company Culture and Overall Profitability

Is your company vision a wonderfully worded, yet flat idea of what you strive to become someday as an organization? Or is it alive, thriving and an active part of what you do each day? Maybe your employees can recite your vision and core values, but do they know why they are important or what they make possible for themselves and your customers? And how about you? Do you remember why you are doing it all in the first place? Your vision is meant to be actively experienced as soon as it is declared which will support your growth through energized leadership and fulfilled employees.

The Power of Vision supports people to remember what is important in their life which leads to inspiration. The Series can support your team members, and therefore your overall company culture, by training a step-by-step process to ignite vision in both their personal and professional lives. As your employees feel more inspired and fulfilled by connecting to their own ‘why’ in life, they actively connect more fully with the company’s ‘why’ leading to greater productivity and collaboration. Create this same palpable cohesiveness to support your teams and your bottom line.

You and your team can join the Vail Valley Works Power of Vision Meditation Series July 6th – September 21st, or you can create a class of your own at your location (min of 10 participants).

Benefits of the Power of Vision Series:

  • For Employees:
    • Increased mental clarity & focus
    • Improved ability to handle the stresses of life
    • More fulfilled & productive
    • Happier and more peaceful at work & at home

Pricing & Registration:

  • $348/person
  • Includes weekly class & access to online materials
  • Custom sessions are available for groups of 10 or more
  • To Register, please email Kristi Moon – kristimoon@innermatrixsystems.com

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