Economic Development Leadership Council

Role & Responsibilities

Advisory Council Member Agreement:

  • Commitment to the mission and goals of the organization.
  • Have the authority to provide feedback on economic development issues as a representative of their company.
  • Promote community understanding and awareness of the organization and the economic development effort.
  • Be knowledgeable of the operation, services, and weaknesses of Vail Valley Economic Development and the Vail Valley community.
  • Respect the work and authority of the Advisory Council and the Partnership.
  • Be objective in evaluating the programs and scope of work of the economic development effort.
  • Allocate time to attend the meetings of the Advisory Council and of any sub-committees to which one is appointed (committee time not included in above time commitment).
  • Suggest and/or pursue new funding sources for the economic development effort.
  • Be constantly alert for opportunities to further the mission and goals of the economic development effort.
  • Be enthusiastic about the organization, and represent it with an articulate, positive and practical presence.
  • Help raise funds on behalf of the economic development effort, when asked – by direct contribution or by securing funds through business contacts and through municipal stakeholders.

In accepting the position as an Advisory Council member of the Vail Valley Partnership’s Vail Valley Economic Development program, I recognize that with this position comes a commitment to support the economic development program and to to assist in meeting the mission and vision of the program.

Hear from the Vail Valley Businesses

Member Minute: Jason

Black Hills Energy