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Listing Expires on 09/30/2020

The Family Learning Center

Teacher (Edwards, CO)

For over 20 years, The Family Learning Center has served children and families in the Eagle River Valley of Eagle County by offering affordable and quality early childhood learning programs and childcare. We are currently seeking to hire a Teacher for our classroom(s). Preferred schedule is (4) four 10-hour days, 7:30am to 5:30pm between Monday and Friday.

The primary responsibilities of the position include fostering productive and kind professional relationships with other staff, center leadership and guardians and families to include initiating conversations as well as responding to inquiries and being an advocate for children in classrooms and their needs.

Benefits include immediate enrollment in a group medical and dental insurance plan (FLC covers 50% of premium). Candidates must be able to pass a background check.


The responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to:

Child Support and Structure:
• Responsible for being child focused in teacher: student interactions to include showing affection and respect, encouraging independence, treating children with dignity, assigning children to participate in groups and encourage pro-social behavior.
• Coordinate and create classroom environment which is developmentally appropriate and in accordance with center protocol to include balance of activities, both indoor and outdoor, quiet/active, individual/small/large group, child initiated. Sometimes this happens independently or with other staff.
• Implementing and coordinating team-oriented transitions between activities that will allow smooth transitions for staff and children.
• Participates in observations of children, lesson planning and inputting assessments in TS Gold. Minimum of 10 observations recorded per week per teacher.

Communication and Parent Relationships:
• Internal- Responsible for fostering productive and kind professional relationships with other staff and center leadership to include initiating conversations as well as responding to inquiries. Following direction of center leadership, agreeing to communication when staff notices a gap in services and systems.
• Responsible for being an advocate for children in classrooms and their needs. Communicating these needs to other staff, leadership, and as transitions arise.
• External– Responsible for fostering productive, kind, and professional relationships with guardians and families to include initiating conversations as well as responding to inquiries.

Center Structures and Procedures:
• Responsible for punctual work attendance as scheduled with readiness to meet the needs of the children at FLC both personally and professionally, also including staff meetings, open houses, parent-teacher conferences, and trainings. Tend to first aid/medical needs as appropriate and required.
• Cultivate knowledge of cultural differences and model for children in honoring and respecting differences.
• Responsible for reading and adhering to FLC’s Handbook and include a working knowledge in the areas of confidentiality and health and safety and will clarify with director any questions in this area.

Professional Responsibilities and Development
• Responsible for completing fifteen clock hours of training per year and updating training file to reflect this.
• Responsible for keeping up to date on Early Childhood Education to include attending conferences, classes, trainings, and other opportunities for learning.
• Responsible for notifying administration of any necessary changes to personnel file (address change, update emergency contact information, etc.)
• Adhering to classroom and common space cleaning schedules.
• Equally supports daily duties and responsibilities of classrooms with co teacher(s).

Position Requirements
• Meets Colorado State Licensing Standards for teachers and teacher’s assistant
• Fifteen clock hours of training required per calendar year
• First Aid and CPR, Standard Precautions certified
• Ability to read employee handbook within the first fourteen days of job offer
• Ability to lift 50 pounds
• Submit to background check
• Participate in annual evaluation review with supervisor; addressing continued professional development
• Participate in at least one FLC committee

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