Online Camper Support Specialist

Roundup River Ranch

Listing Expires on 04/30/2021

Title:                    Online Camper Support Specialist
Reports to:         Assistant Camp Director
Status:                 Seasonal Summer 

Online Camper Support Specialists will further the mission of Roundup River Ranch by leading activities that are aligned with our philosophy of intentional programming; contribute to the overall development of all online camp programs including: summer camp, family camp, online reunions, specific activities, evening programs, special days and all other camp programs as required; provide support for other staff and volunteers and maintain a physically and emotionally supportive environment for campers.

Job Responsibilities-General

  • Act in a professional manner as a role model for all campers, volunteers and fellow staff
  • Be fully aware of all safety and emergency procedures, and execute procedures when required including ensuring campers are aware of and understand the safety rules at all times
  • Attend and participate in all trainings, meetings, and planning sessions
  • Integrate and support volunteers at camp and provide them with training as needed
  • Provide behavior support to campers including regular and positive feedback to campers and their achievements, supporting group issues, and being aware and sensitive of campers fears and concerns
  • Ensure camp property is respected
  • Be punctual in following the schedule
  • Ensure virtual camp spaces and viewable spaces on-screen are always clean, tidy, and intentional
  • Participate in camp meetings – prior, during and post session debriefs
  • Maintain confidentiality of all program participants and contributors
  • Comply with all policies and procedures as listed in the staff contract, manual and in staff orientation

Job Responsibilities- Specific

  • Ensure all camp programs support the mission, vision and values of Roundup River Ranch
  • Prepare activities appropriately
  • Ensure all activities, are in line with the Roundup River Ranch philosophy of intentional programming which includes designing and encouraging fun, and developmentally appropriate activities that are adaptable, inclusive, and medically safe for campers ages 7-17
  • Assist support team as needed with planning and leading all camp activities including evening programs, themes, skits, dances and singing songs
  • Actively strive to positively incorporate program feedback and direction from all participants and support staff
  • Facilitate camper choice time and unscheduled “down” time
  • Take an active leadership role with assigned group, including campers, staff, and volunteers
  • Be familiar with all information available on each group of campers including the medical and behavior needs, and any other information provided by the support team and/or parents
  • Ensure that the virtual camp space and viewed background area are always physically and emotionally safe environments for campers and reflect the Roundup River Ranch Guideposts
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Passion for the Roundup River Ranch mission
  • Age 19 years old, or older
  • Willingness to dynamically teach and lead on-camera through a virtual platform
  • Previous experience working with children and/or special needs populations
  • Proven experience in facilitating activities with youth and managing groups
  • Strong collaboration and team building skills
  • Well-developed communication skills
  • Preference will be given to candidates with recognized qualifications in the activity to be led
    • Art, Nature, Discovery (Science), Music, Drama programs require related experience and/or education, with preference given to applicants with experience in facilitating these activities with youth
    • Familiarity with technology and collaboration through virtual platforms

Special Conditions
This is an online position.

Essential Functions

Roundup River Ranch camp staff will be expected to:

  • Be able to identify emergency situations, either by seeing them happen, hearing cries for help, or hearing emergency alerts.
  • Have access to well-supported and consistent internet connection as well as an appropriate space for equipment and backdrop for activities to be viewed on camera by campers and their families.
  • Have the strength, endurance, and physical skills to respond quickly and appropriately to emergency situations, according to written emergency procedures and plans, which may include calling for help and watching to see if campers are responding appropriately.
  • Be able to demonstrate or participate in camp activities as they supervise and instruct campers: this will require the ability to walk, sit, climb, kneel, crouch, stoop, and stand.
  • Possess the strength and stamina to maintain constant supervision of campers for the duration of the season. Such supervision requires the ability to observe what campers are doing while online, and the ability to hear what campers are saying when not necessarily within direct visual contact.  Stamina includes the ability to remain alert, friendly, courteous, and patient for the duration of the staff member’s time with camp.

To apply:

Applicants are asked to complete an online application at: