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Listing Expires on 07/15/2019

Job Summary:

The Escrow Officer is responsible to effectively manage the real estate closing transaction for insuring title insurance. This position requires the Escrow Officer to exercise extreme independent judgment and to possess the knowledge and experience necessary to efficiently handle any situation which may arise during the escrow process.

Job Roles: 
• Manage the entire real estate closing process, including compliance with real estate contracts, lender instructions, title requirements, company requirements and other written instructions
• Understand the escrow process to determine what steps need to be taken to transfer the title of property pursuant to the conditions called for in the real estate contract and lender instructions
• Collaborate with title department to resolve title issues such as legal descriptions, easements, lot splits, vesting, all tax liens, abstracts of judgments, bankruptcies, boundary disputes, encroachments, list pendants, etc.
• Prepare all closing documents necessary to ensure title insurance is issued at closing
• Oversee the issuance of checks, bills and statements, receipts, and any other documents needed to ensure customer satisfaction
• Secure all documents (corrective and others) that may be required for the issuance of title insurance
• Conduct closing with customer, realtor, lenders, and attorneys
• Assist customers and clients with closing related questions
• Prior to disbursement, confirm all funds are collected, all appropriate documents are checked for accuracy, signatures are collected, and acknowledgements and legal descriptions are correct
• Correct all taxes due, HOA dues, and any delinquencies and/or principal and interest
• Ensure all payoffs have been collected, mailed, delivered or wired according to instructions
• Verify against the HUD statement that all disbursements have been paid correctly
• Prior to recording, verify all legal documents for correct acknowledgements, legal, and lien information
• When needed, delegate work to and manage work of escrow assistants in the real estate transaction process
• Manage and develop client relationships to ensure future real estate closing transactions
• Market new business and make calls on current and prospective clients
• Correspond with lenders, builders, real estate agents and attorneys as needed
• Perform other duties as assigned by manager

Role Specific Knowledge:

  • Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within the escrow/title industry field.
  • Formerly in an Escrow Processor role.
  • Good client relations and organizational skills.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.
  • Ability to read and interpret documents.
  • Detail-oriented and professional; able to handle confidential information.
  • Strong communication, both verbal and written.
  • Ability to deal with multiple types of roles such as real estate sellers, buyers, agents and brokers.

Education, Licensure, and Experience:

  • Completion of a High School diploma or GED required

Job: Escrow Officer

Primary Location: United States-Leadville, CO

Organization: ST Company Colorado

Schedule: Full-time, Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5pm

To apply:

Send resume to Kira Taylor at

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