The Inside Edge: Top Strategies to Pivot and Be Resilient in Times of Change

The Inside Edge: Top Strategies to Pivot and Be Resilient in Times of Change

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2:00pm - 3:00pm

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Life is always changing and we are constantly having to make adjustments along the way to reach our goals, but what happens when major change happens? We are living in a time where many people and businesses are challenged to drastically pivot to adjust to a new world reality and are having to re-examine their goals, change their strategy and possibly even re-invent their brand. It takes courage and resilience to stay positive and focused. How do we do this and what steps do we need to take?

In this webinar, Kim Smith of Adventures In Coaching, will go over the top strategies and tools to help keep you resilient, giving you the ability to focus, pivot and move forward successfully while navigating a constantly changing environment.

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About Kim Smith, CPC, Owner of Adventures in Coaching and Certified Professional Coach

With a background as an executive in marketing and sales in the advertising agency world, snow sports industry and tourism, Kim has an in-depth understanding of the both the corporate and entrepreneurial side of business and what is means to be resilient. She is passionate about helping others to find solutions to life and work challenges and knows that change can be one of the most difficult things to go through. Years of leadership training and personal growth development have led her to follow her passion and purpose of helping others on their journey through transitions in life and business through coaching and mentoring.

Kim believes that life is an adventure, and as a Core-Energy™ coach, she will help you to align with your purpose, assess how you are showing up in life and business energetically, partner with you to design a map to reach your goals and navigate through transitions, and help to identify and remove any emotional roadblocks to success.

Kim re-located to the Eagle River Valley last year to be closer to all the things she loves, and when she’s not coaching and helping others, she can be found hiking with her boyfriend and her rescue dog, Hank on one of the trails, skiing, cycling and enjoying time with friends and family.