Vail Valley Business Forum: The Costs of Miscommunication and Strategies for Effective Communication

Vail Valley Business Forum: The Costs of Miscommunication and Strategies for Effective Communication

Event date: April 9

9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Virtual Event via Zoom. More info coming soon!

The moment you have more than one person in a room, there are going to be misunderstandings. Unresolved breakdowns in communication are costly; if left unaddressed these breakdowns can derail a team, division or company. Whether you’re trying to develop a high-performing team, resolve a potentially explosive employee issue or negotiate with a client or customer, creating mutual understanding is the key to moving forward.

In this program, attendees will gain insights into the strengths and preferences of their own communication styles and the styles of those around them. When we know how our audience needs (or prefers) to receive information, we are better able to tailor our spoken and written words to have the greatest impact. Attendees will learn to: Build personal and professional trust within teams; develop and innovate solutions to everyday issues and replace judgment with understanding.

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Julie Holunga is a leadership coach who trains and develops business leaders with expertise in effective communications. Her trainings inspire driven professionals to bring their careers to the next level. Holunga started her career working at Harvard University in the Capital Gifts group, assisting high-net worth alumni impact change. At The Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College, she worked with senior leaders at Fortune 500 corporations to develop, implement, and improve corporate citizenship initiatives. Following her work at The Center, Holunga served as the project manager for Alumni Career Services at Harvard Business School focusing on the careers of alumnae. Holunga received her bachelor’s degree in French Literature and Economics at Union College and her MBA from Boston College. She spent seven years living and attending school in France, India and Hong Kong.


This program is presented in partnership with the Vail Symposium.