The Collective: A Women's Retreat

The Collective: A Women’s Retreat

Event date: This event has already passed.

Four Seasons Resort & Spa
Vail, Colorado

Why The Collective: A Women’s Retreat? said it best, “The pandemic has been tough, and especially so for women. But the opportunity going forward is for us to influence systems and structures to provide more advantages and equity for women— and for people to support each other in the process of empowering and enabling women to improve their conditions and create fulfillment”.

The impacts are significant, and in most cases, they are significantly bad. How should we most effectively respond—as people and organizations? It is possible to create the conditions for happiness and fulfillment as well as equity and opportunities, according to

The Collective: A Women’s Retreat Answers the Call, it gives YOU a reprieve with intention and actionable next steps for revitalization and a transformative year. This uninhibited luxury 4-day, 3-night all-inclusive retreat at a highly sought-after resort and spa, Four Seasons Vail, is uniquely curated to cater to women, rejuvenating them on their journey seeking high-level strategic progress and vital energy for this upcoming year of transformation, revitalization, and recovery. INVEST IN YOU FOR 2022!

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