Vail Valley Business Forum: The Business of Connection - Skills to Cultivate Thriving Relationships in the Workplace

Vail Valley Business Forum: The Business of Connection – Skills to Cultivate Thriving Relationships in the Workplace

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9:00am - 10:15am

Webinar Format

Whether we have a formal role inside an organization, lead efforts in our communities or manage clients and partners in our own business, we’re all leaders in some way and we all need to relate well with others. With the challenges brought on by COVID-19, maintaining strong relationships despite social distancing is vital for our well-being and success.

This workshop offers training in the Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills tied to connection mainly self-awareness and empathy. Strengthening these two EI domains enables better collaboration with team members, clients and partners. Self-Awareness means honest clarity about our “internal states, impulses and disposition,” a foundational EI skill that positively impacts self-regulation. Empathy, an interpersonal skill, attunes us to how others are feeling enabling improved social interactions and better teamwork. Increased self-awareness and empathy translate to greater purpose, improved communication skills and productivity. As we’ve experienced on a global scale, human connection is crucial for business and life.

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Founder of A Traveling Time, A Well Being Consultancy, Amy Quinn brings her facilitation, speaking, coaching and creative skills to the travel and wellness industries providing mindfulness workshops, retreat and travel services, and an active blog. As we “travel our lives”, Amy is passionate in her current work as a Certified Teacher of the global Search Inside Yourself program, teaching emotional intelligence skills. For the Outer Journey, Amy creates meaningful Wellness travel itineraries, active, adventure, restorative, and or culturally immersive experiences for solo travelers or groups of families, friends, passionate pals and Executive teams.

Amy discovered her talent for hospitality as a busy professional, cultivating relationships with clients of American Airlines, working with marketing customers at Nestle and volunteering among numerous fundraising and board endeavors. Her skills proved especially useful during the course of six corporate re-locations within thirteen years.

Ms. Quinn has published two books, “Fundraising Innovators: Leaders in Social Enterprise Share New Approaches to Raise Money” and an eBook, “A Table In Time: Host a Gathering that Feeds your Mind, Body and Soul.” She holds a Master in Business Administration from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, ASU, Phoenix, AZ and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and German from Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA.

This program is presented in partnership with the Vail Symposium.