Taking the Lead: Skills for a Successful Transition into Leadership

Taking the Lead: Skills for a Successful Transition into Leadership

Event date: This event has already passed.

In Person: October 13th & 27th (4 hrs/session)
Virtual Check-Ins: October 20th & November 3rd (1 hr/session)

Location: Colorado Mountain College (Edwards)

**Registration is now closed! If you have questions, please email anna@vailvalleypartnership.com**

Description: Taking the Lead is a workshop aimed to help those new to leadership positions assume that leadership role confidently and effectively.  It involves both individual exploration to reveal personal leadership styles, as well as effective interpersonal skills training proven to navigate the transition seamlessly and achieve team results.  This workshop leverages the Talent Insights assessment to reveal behavior preferences and internal motivations.  Participants have the opportunity to shape a leadership vision for themselves and create action plans to achieve this vision. Interactive activities and discussions allow participants to practice new skills as well as build a network of colleagues in similar stages of their leadership journey.  Virtual check ins after each session allow participants to assess their progress and collaboratively improve their effectiveness.

Intended For: This program is designed for those new to a leadership role or those aspiring to move into leadership who want to gain insight and skills inherent to this transition.  This may include front line workers, supervisors, coaches, administrators or those finding themselves responsible for achieving results through the work of others.

Cost: $200* (VVP Members)/$250 (Public Price)

*VVP Member Non-profit organizations receive a 40% discount. 

**Registration is now closed. Please email anna@vailvalleypartnership.com with inquiries**

Presented In Partnership With: Town of Vail