Space Themed Story Time with Carmela Coyle

Space Themed Story Time with Carmela Coyle

Event date: This event has already passed.


Bookworm of Edwards
295 Main St. C101
Edwards, CO 81632

Join bestselling author of “Do Princesses wear Hiking Boots,” Carmela Coyle, for a fun, FREE space themed story and craft hour to celebrate her new book “Can Princesses Become Astronauts?”


I’m married, the mother of two, a full-time writer and observer, innovative cook, collector, a bit introverted, expert putterer, party designer, art dabbler, planet helper, puppy dog affectionado, and fruit goddess, to name a few. I’m only the fruit goddess part because, “Carmela,” means goddess of fruit. And I do love fruit.

I look forward to going to work everyday, driving my slippers down the stairs, steering into the kitchen for toast and fruit (told you so) before parking in my studio chair. Oh, and no matter what, I always wear pretty earrings. Every day, my adorable black doggie, Lulu, sits by my feet on a poofy pillow, or more commonly, on my lap.