Ski and Meditate - Community Event

Ski and Meditate

Ski and Meditate – Community Event

Event date: This event has already passed.

7:30am MST - Online Meditation
8:30am MST - Ski, Snowboard or Hike

Online meditation, skiing/snowboarding at Arrowhead Beaver Creek, hiking location TBD.

Start the day off right by raising your energy with a virtual, group meditation, then enjoy a fun day of skiing or hiking with friends from the community. Please rsvp now so we can plan the day and let us know if you plan to ski, snowboard or hike. Please make a reservation with Vail Resorts at Beaver Creek on Feb 6.

We will gather at 8:30am at the Arrowhead Bahn chairlift and break up into smaller groups to hit the slopes! All ability levels are welcome and feel free to invite friends. There is no charge for this community event.

RSVP Required – In order to properly plan the day, please rsvp and let us know how you would like to participate. Also, please remember to make your reservations to ski at Beaver Creek, as well.

Any questions, please contact