How to Manifest in Business: 3 Simple Ways to Effortlessly Attract More Success

How to Manifest in Business: 3 Simple Ways to Effortlessly Attract More Success

Event date: April 21

1:00 - 2:15pm
No Cost to Attend
Workshop will be hosted on Zoom

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What is manifestation and how can you leverage it in your business? In this workshop led by Julia Baldwin Taylor we’ll explore what manifestation actually is and how it can drastically shift your business in amazing ways. Julia will discuss the following topics during the workshop:

* How you can use manifestation to tap into your creative flow and learn to ditch the overwhelm that comes with being a small business owner.
* The five most common misconceptions around manifestation and what often holds people back from manifesting a life and business they love.
* Mistakes to avoid and what you can work on now to start stepping into the successful entrepreneur you were meant to be.
* Three ways to start manifesting in your business now.

About the Presenter: Julia Baldwin Taylor is a creative business owner and certified transformational coach. She loves helping entrepreneurs who are ready to transform their businesses so they can have more impact, income, and freedom than ever. Through her coaching services, Julia helps passion-fueled business owners increase their profit and help more people – all while working less than they ever thought possible. Julia has a BS in graphic design and 15+ years of internet marketing experience. She has built a successful e-commerce business, created and sold a lucrative wedding stationery brand, had her work featured in major publications like and The Side Hustle School Podcast. As a cancer survivor, Julia believes that life is about truly living, connecting with your passion and purpose, and doing what lights you up. She teaches that work doesn’t have to be hard and that running a business doesn’t have to feel like a struggle. She’s passionate about showing her clients how to shift their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs so that they start experiencing wild success in their businesses.