Customer Service in a Pandemic

Customer Service in a Pandemic

Event date: This event has already passed.

9:30am - 12:00pm

Webinar Format

Working with the public is more complicated than ever – customer service is going to take new & different skills for all of us!

In the advent of the 2020 pandemic, frontline workers have been exposed to unprecedented physical and emotional demands that leave them vulnerable to the effects that acute stress due to balancing their jobs, providing excellent customer service and protecting their own health and the health of their loved ones. We are all experiencing both pandemic and compassion fatigue.

Working with the public is more complicated than ever. What worked to support ourselves, our families and customers in the past may not be what is needed now. We are having to find ways to connect with our customers when we can’t see faces fully, balance greater economic disparity, confront different beliefs about protective measures all while providing the same level of service as expected prior to the pandemic. This is going to take new and different skills for all of us.

By participating in this workshop you will acquire knowledge and develop skills to:

  • Understand and make meaning of your experiences both personally and professionally
  • Explore pandemic and compassion fatigue and their impacts on everyday life
  • Clarify the different types of stress both the employee and guest may be experiencing
  • Chart a path for what customer service looks like in today’s world
  • Increase your tools and resources to work with ongoing stress and difficult situations
  • Explore how to have difficult conversations with guests


Cost: $50 (VVP/HCHRA Members)/$75 (Public Price)

Presented in partnership with High Country Human Resource Association. This event is eligible for 2.5 SHRM/HRCI credits.

Please register below to attend. The “Customer Service in a Pandemic” workshop is live and interactive. Each session is limited to 20 people and led by 2 facilitators to encourage participation and meaningful discussion.