Community Consciousness: Diving Into Equity Design and the Promise of Moving Forward with Intention

Community Consciousness: Diving Into Equity Design and the Promise of Moving Forward with Intention

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10:00am - noon

Webinar Format

Join Janina Fariñas, CEO & Founder of L’Ancla and La Cocina, as she walks us through a provocative and interactive workshop* designed to support us in more intentionally building equity into our personal and professional lives. The two-hour experiential workshop will also include some storytelling, with Janina sharing the roots of her own equity design in her life and communities.

*Please note this will be an interactive session so be prepared to reflect on your own experiences and participate to get the most out of this workshop.

Please RSVP below to get the webinar information. This workshop will be capped at 100 participants.

About L’Ancla

L’Ancla serves as an anchor for the community and a catalyst for community change through consulting, non-dominant innovation, and revolutionary thought partnerships. Rooted in social justice, L’Ancla acts as a mainstay in the Latinx community, providing steadfast support when navigating the troubled waters of a system not designed for Latinx folks.

About Dr. Janina E. Fariñas

Dr. Janina E. Fariñas is the Founder and Chief Executive of the award-winning La Cocina program(s) for Latinx community health, and the Mil Dias de Amor (1000 Days of Love) infant mental health program. Trained as a pediatric neuropsychologist and a family therapist, Dr. Fariñas’ areas of clinical and research expertise include very early and early childhood toxic stress, adversity and trauma, Infant Mental Health, Latinx Psychology, Latinx Family Studies, and Latinx health equity and community mental health.

For the past 15 years, Dr. Fariñas has dedicated herself to the development of trauma informed programs and interventions benefiting families, women and children/infants. In particular, Dr. Fariñas seeks to shed light on systemic oppressive factors causing and/or affecting increases in childhood abuse and neglect, systemic mental health problems, and community toxic stress and trauma. Not limited to, but inclusive of Latinx communities, this work has been central to Dr. Fariñas’ work surrounding young and very-young childhood and community-based trauma, and includes her contributions to Chicago’s renowned Erikson Institute, and Colorado State University’s Childhood Trauma and Resilience Assessment Center.

Mental Health equity is central to Dr. Fariñas’ work, and stands as the nonclinical platform bolstering her work. The fundamental interconnectedness between mental health and health equity are at the heart of how integrated clinical and para-clinical programs can also support the overall wellbeing and engagement of a community. In January 2017, Dr. Fariñas founded La Cocina, a multidisciplinary Latinx community-participatory nonprofit clinic that works to dismantle the obstacles to quality, culturally relevant mental healthcare for the Colorado Latinx community.

Dr. Fariñas holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, a Masters in Psychology from Naropa University, and an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences from the University of New Orleans. She is faculty member at Naropa University, and the 2017 winner of the City of Fort Collins’ Human Relations Award. Dr. Fariñas speaks Spanish and French fluently. She is a proud immigrant from San Salvador, El Salvador. Her family left their country of origin after political and economic instability drove hundreds of thousands of migrants from Central America to seek refugee in the United States. Today Dr. Fariñas lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with her family and their bilingual dog, Lilly.

About the Community Consciousness: Diving into DEI Series

Community Consciousness: Diving into DEI is an Eagle County panel series around Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Each session will revolve around a different topic such as (public health, our school district, wellness, leadership development, etc.) and will allow for the panel members to tell their personal stories of how they have been affected by inequity, data and observations they have found in their professional work regarding how our community is affected by inequity and what we can do as a community to improve.

This series is hosted by High Country Human Resource Association and Vail Valley Partnership.