Beyond the Brain: Soul Exhaustion and Soul Care

Beyond the Brain: Soul Exhaustion and Soul Care

Event date: This event has already passed.

11:00am - 1:00pm

Colorado Mountain College

Learn how to tend to yourself when the world around you seems like it is falling apart.

Throughout the history of humanity and within every known culture has been the concept of the Soul and yet over the last century or so, its value has lost much ground. For many people the idea of the soul, the essence of “who” they are resonates deeply and yet has been significantly diminished by the medical model of mental health and addiction.

This presentation will bring the concept of the soul back to the forefront of discussion in how we conceptualize ourselves and others, as well as the concept of Soul Exhaustion. Soul Exhaustion takes a deeper exploration of life circumstances such as poverty, adverse childhood experiences, racism, trauma and loss, and burnout and the holistic impact it has on the “who” we are. When looking through the lens of Soul Exhaustion, we also must shift our thoughts on solutions to address the soul, spirit or essence of “who” we are. Therefore, Soul Care, which has emphasis on non-clinical resources, goes deeper into understanding the ways in which we care for the “who”.

This presentation also explores how the concept of Soul Exhaustion and Soul Care can work in harmony with the medical model of mental health, substance use disorders and suicide prevention.

Presented by Sarah Gaer, MA, this continuing education event is FREE to professionals for (2) CE credits AND open to community members who are interested in information around the topic.