State Legislative Positions 2023

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SB23-001 Authority of Public-Private Collaboration Unit for Housing

This bill allows the Authority of Public-Private Collaboration in the Department of Administration to engage in housing projects on unused state properties.

SB23-006 Creation of the Rural Opportunity Office

The Office is charged with supporting Colorado’s rural communities, economic development offices, business support organizations, and small businesses to explore economic development and business opportunities.

SB23-065 Career Development Success Program

The Colorado Career Development Incentive Program pays $1,000 to school districts for each student who earns an industry-recognized credential that would allow that student to walk into a job after graduation. The bill extends CDIP for 10 years, increases funding for the program to $10 million and makes other programmatic changes.

HB23-1112 Earned Income and Child Tax Credits

From the Legislative Oversight Committee on Tax Policy, this bill increases the earned income tax credit an individual can claim on their state taxes to 40% of the federal EITC, and increases on a progressive scale the percentage of the child tax credit an individual can claim on their state income tax return.

HB23-1091 Continuation Of Child Care Contribution Tax Credit

Concerning the income tax credit for a qualifying contribution to promote child care in the state, and, in connection therewith, continuing the credit for three years and expanding the types of contributions that qualify for the credit.

HB23-1189 Employer Assistance for Home Purchase Tax Credit

This bill provides employers a state income tax credit for contributing up to $5,000 to an employee’s down payment and closing costs in buying a primary residence, in order to encourage home ownership.


HB23-1118 Fair Workweek Employment Standards

The bill imposes requirements on certain employers with regard to employee work schedules and pay. See our advocacy alert for more details.

HB23-1215 Limits on Hospital Facility Fees

This bill prohibits a health care provider affiliated with a hospital or health system from charging a facility fee for certain health care services, including outpatient services provided at an off-campus location or through telehealth. This would have negative repercussions on all rural and resort health care facilities. Fees are used for capital and maintenance.

HB23-1190 Affordable Housing Right of First Refusal

The bill creates a right of first refusal of a local government to match an “acceptable” offer for the sale of a residential or mixed-use multifamily property. The property would be subject to the local government’s commitment to using the property as long-term affordable housing. This would mandate any purchase give local governments the right of first refusal. It’s a solution looking for a problem since there is nothing currently preventing local governments from purchasing property on the free market. If passed, it would slow down the purchase by up to 13-15 months.

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