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EDWARDS, Colo. – March 30, 2023: Vail Valley Works and Vail Valley Partnership (VVP) are pleased to announce a new locally grown leadership certification, the LEAD Eagle Certification (Leadership Education And Development). This certification is awarded to individuals in Eagle County who show a commitment to their leadership journey by completing the four courses on the LEAD Eagle Pathway.

The LEAD Eagle Certification brings benefits for both the local workforce and local employers.

  • For the local workforce, the LEAD Eagle Certification is an opportunity to understand the stages of leadership from tactical to strategic. Each course features a specific “Leadership Pillar” and each course in the pathway includes content focused on communication, emotional intelligence, and values-based leadership, to establish a common language for leaders across Eagle County. Participants will also make quality connections across industries and agencies to establish a solid professional network. This network will be a crucial support as participants grow and take the next steps in their leadership journeys.
  • For local employers, the LEAD Eagle Certification is a strong indicator that an employee or candidate has invested in themselves and put down roots in the local community. You can expect someone with emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and the tools to lead, who comes with a robust professional network. The LEAD Eagle certification is a tool to move current employees to the next level of leadership or integrate new employees into the community.

“While most Eagle County employers strive to hire and promote locally first, we know it’s not always possible. A key challenge of recruiting outside talent in the current economic environment is ensuring they stay in Eagle County for the long-term. Establishing a network and community connections are vital components to workforce retention and the LEAD Eagle Certification programs are designed to do just that,” says Anna Robinson, Program Manager for Vail Valley Works and VVP.

The LEAD Eagle Pathway consists of four courses that can be taken in any order. The recommended order is:

  • Management Essentials – In theory, great leaders are built on a solid foundation. In practice, we are often thrown into a leadership role without formal training or guidance on the core job functions. Management Essentials covers a variety of practical skills that apply to the day-to-day work of anyone supervising or managing a team. The Leadership Pillar assigned to this course is: Build your leadership foundation.
  • Taking the Lead: Skills for Unlocking the Power of Your Team – Understanding your team dynamic is the key to unlocking its true potential.  Taking the Lead aims to help those in leadership positions assume those roles confidently and effectively. It involves both individual exploration to reveal your personal leadership style, as well as a deep awareness of the unique personalities that make up your team. The Leadership Pillar assigned to this course is: Explore team dynamics.
  • Community Leadership Academy – This program brings together professionals from around Eagle County serving the community and is intended to help participants develop strong values-based leadership skills, create a broad network of confidants, as well as build trust and consistency between agencies. The Leadership Pillar assigned to this course is: Find your values-based leadership style.
  • Board Service Basics – An introduction to appointed & elected board service, designed to provide the knowledge and framework to effectively serve on a wide range of local boards – from non-profits to special districts and everything in between. The Leadership Pillar assigned to this course is: Serve your community through civic engagement.

There are two cohorts of each course beginning in the spring and fall, except for Board Service Basics which is offered annually in the fall. Scholarships are available for VVP members in good standing and member nonprofits receive a 40% discount on eligible courses. To learn more about the LEAD Eagle Certification and pathway visit:

Vail Valley Works is a program of Vail Valley Partnership. It is a 501(c)3 organization devoted to professional development, work-based learning, nonprofit resources, diversity, equity, & inclusion and workplace mental wellness initiatives. The organization is committed to listening to, and collaborating with, the business community in order to provide the most relevant, timely, and innovative programming available. To learn more about Vail Valley Works visit: or contact Anna Robinson at or (970) 477-4027.