Partnership continues to oppose HB23-1118

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  • Partnership continues to oppose HB23-1118
HB23-1118 was heard by the House Business Affairs & Labor Committee yesterday.  After taking several hours of testimony from both sides the bill was laid over for action.  We do not yet know when the Committee will vote on the bill.
Among other provisions, the draft bill provides that an employer shall provide notice of employees’ work schedules, and changes as follows:

  • Requires providing a work schedule 14 days in advance.
  • Employers must revise, in writing, any change to a work schedule within 24 hours of making the change.
  • Requires paying employees a full hour for any amount of time added to a shift and paying two hours for any amount of time subtracted from a shift, or when there is a change to the date or time of the shift.
  • Prohibits employers from scheduling employees to work another shift beginning less than 12 hours after ending their last shift. An employee can waive this in writing up to 48 hours before their shift.
  • Provides overtime-like pay (1.5 times the regular pay rate) for hours an employee works within 12 hours of the last shift.
  • Requires posting available hours for 4 days to fill the shifts, rather than hiring another employee.

If passed, this would be the most aggressive predictive scheduling bill that has been enacted anywhere in the Country.  In a report published yesterday, the Common Sense Policy Institute estimated direct cost for a covered business with 200 shift workers is between $2,200 and $5,800 per shift employee per year, for a total cost of $510,000 to $1,030,000 per year. VVP together with a broad coalition of business groups continues to work against this bill.