Adopt a Family Fund

Please join Limbs for Liberty and Ethos Landscaping for a new program to assist Ukrainian families in need- Adopt a Family Fund.

Many Ukrainians have not left their country for a variety of reasons; they don’t want to leave their homeland, they have extended family and can’t leave, lack of funding or not wanting to leave family members that are fighting on the front. Some families from the eastern half of the country have had to evacuate to the west to cities like Lviv where rent is high, especially for people who no longer have a source of income. Rent in Lviv for a family of 8 is $400/month.

We’ve teamed up with a group of Ukrainians that are evaluating families who are in need of financial assistance. Businesses can “adopt” a family for a one time donation or multiple months. Businesses will receive information about their “family”.

For more information, please visit the website You can also contact Kelli with Ethos Landscaping for more information (

Here is a family currently available for “adoption”: Volodymyr Zaruba was a school principal. His wife was a teacher too. Both have coxoarthrosis of hip joints. Their daughter, Anya, has cancer. They live about 6 miles from the border. Their house suffered minor damage during one of the recent air raids.