Sustainable Aviation's Vail Valley Jet Center Hosts First Fueling of SAF

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  • Sustainable Aviation’s Vail Valley Jet Center Hosts First Fueling of SAF

Sustainable Aviation Fuel makes its debut at Eagle County Airport this week

Private aviation flyers can now select an environmentally beneficial option when flying from the Vail, Colorado area, the 12th Signature location in total to provide a permanently available Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

MARCH 17, 2022 – The first use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at the Eagle County Airport was celebrated with a “first fueling” event Wednesday, March 16, 2022. Eagle County Commissioners and staff were on site to witness this historic occurrence.

Eagle County Airport was Signature Aviation’s 12th location around the world to offer SAF. Signature introduced SAF through the Vail Valley Jet Center (VVJC), which it purchased in 2021. Signature offers SAF at more locations than any other FBO network, including 3 locations in the United Kingdom and 9 locations on the Gulf Coast and in the western United States.

Paul Gordon, Signature’s President / GM of the Vail Valley Jet Center, thanked Eagle County for its partnership over the years, citing several projects the two entities have done together – a new de-icing facility that captures and disposes of the fluid in an environmentally-safe manner, a self-fueling island, improved air traffic flow, a radar facility, and the first general aviation restrooms on the north side of the airfield.

“Eagle County is really pleased with our new relationship with Signature Flight Support, especially their sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) offerings at EGE,” said David Reid, Director of Aviation, Eagle County Regional Airport. “SAF aligns perfectly with the airport’s ongoing sustainability efforts.”

SAF reduces aircraft emissions of carbon dioxide by 25%, driving an environmental benefit for Western Colorado and beyond. It is a blend of 30% bio fuel from feedstock (tallow) and 70% traditional jet fuel. The resulting SAF burns cleaner than 100% Jet A fuel. Regulations and limited supply determine the amount of bio fuel now available to be used. A Cessna Citation Mustang was the first aircraft at the Eagle County Airport to receive the fuel supply on Wednesday.

“We’re incredibly proud to be offering this important step in our march toward an environmentally sustainable airport,” said Gordon. “We are enthusiastic about the promise Signature’s Renew Sustainable Aviation Fuel holds for our future and we are grateful for the support from our airport, chamber, county, town and community.”

Signature Aviation is the world’s largest private aviation terminal operator with 200+ locations in 27 Countries on five continents. It is the leading provider of sustainable jet fuels to the private aviation industry. To date, it has supplied over 6 million gallons of SAF following its introduction of the first permanently available source at the San Francisco Int’l Airport in September 2020, which has resulted in tens of thousands of tonnes of emissions being removed from the atmosphere. Private aircraft operators can now buy sustainable jet fuel at the Vail Valley Jet Center, providing customers with a verified carbon reduction that meets stringent record keeping standards.

“The interest of our customers in adding SAF to their sustainability plans has been climbing, and Signature continues to make tangible moves to fulfill our commitment to lead private aviation’s advance towards an environmentally sustainable future,” expressed Tony Lefebvre, Chief Executive Officer of Signature Aviation. “With the expansion of Signature Renew-branded SAF with our partners at the Eagle County Regional Airport, we’re not only demonstrating our commitment to the Vail community and Central Colorado, but the environment at large.”

Lefebvre added, “Private aviation’s shift towards leisure destinations in the past two years is undeniable. For Signature, being positioned to serve Colorado’s ski country through the Vail Valley Jet Center has been a tremendous opportunity to bring the benefits of our global network to our fourth location within the state. We are planning the expansion of SAF availability to nearby airports, as well as to new communities within the Rocky Mountains, and this represents the first of many sustainability initiatives we intend to bring to Vail.”

Signature Aviation’s environmental sustainability program, Signature Renew, encompasses products for operators that reduce private aircraft emissions as well as internally focused initiatives such as vehicle fleet electrification, embracing renewable energy sources such as solar panel installations, and efficiency-driven construction practices.



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