Eagle County Airport Visitor Guide

Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE) is quickly becoming the gateway of choice for visitors coming to the Vail Valley. It’s close to Vail and all the other major Rocky Mountain resort towns, and carriers are expanding their service routes to include Eagle Airport.

Before flying into Eagle, it’s important to plan your onward journey from the airport and make arrangements on how to get back for your return flight.

This visitor guide to Eagle County Airport should make those plans easier to make.

Eagle County Regional Airport


Eagle Airport Visitor Information and History

For an excellent visitor resource all about Eagle County Regional Airport including its unique history, logistical layout, airline and passenger facilities as well as parking lot locations, TSA procedures and basically everything you could ever possibly want to know about flying into EGE, please visit: https://eagleairport.info/

Eagle Airport Info; is your one stop shop for more information on EGE than you could ever possibly need to know, but it does make for some fascinating reading (especially the history section). It might just surprise you to know that the airport land was bought by an infant for $20 back in the 1940’s 😲 check out: https://eagleairport.info/eagle-airport-history/ to learn more about this amazing story!

If you’re flying into or out of Eagle County Regional Airport, eagleairport.info should be your first resource for arranging your flight and logistics. It’s actually a great read on the airplane as well if you’re looking to pass the time with some informative reading. There’s plenty there that might surprise you.

Eagle Airport Ground Transportation

Eagle County Airport offers a variety of transportation options. Shuttle services, taxis, car rentals, and private cars are among these options. When arranging transportation for Eagle Airport, you should take several factors into consideration. A budget, the number of travelers, and the time of year are the most important factors.

As many services sell out quickly during the busy winter season, it is important to make travel arrangements well in advance, especially if you will be at the airport in a blizzard.

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(EGE) Private Shuttle Service

Eagle Airport Shuttle by Blue Sky Limo

Private Shuttle services at Eagle Airport are the most convenient, convenient, and secure transportation options EGE has to offer. The driver will be waiting for you when you disembark your flight once you have a confirmed reservation. In general, these companies use large SUVs with all-wheel drive that are the preferred way for them to traverse the Rocky Mountains, especially during the winter months when dangerous weather conditions can arise.

6-7 passengers can sit comfortably and safely in a private vehicle, and luggage and cargo can be accommodated as well. Sports equipment can be transported in roof-mounted ski boxes. Many of these vehicles also offer high-speed Internet access and in-seat entertainment systems, making travel from Eagle Airport very comfortable and stress free.

(EGE) Shared Shuttles

Eagle Regional Airport offers shared shuttle services. Their biggest selling point is a cheaper fare than private transportation, however, before you choose this route, consider the many limitations involved. The first point to remember is that if you are traveling with more than three people, then you may actually find it simpler and cheaper to buy individual shared shuttle tickets rather than your own private vehicle.

Usually, luggage space per person is limited, and you will be crammed into a van with many strangers, with little personal space. As well as waiting for other flights to land, you’ll need to make frequent stops while others disembark.

Sharing a shuttle is only a good option for those traveling solo or as a couple, or if they are on a tight budget. Increased travel time, less cargo space, and increased stress make it less viable for everyone else.

(EGE) Car Rentals

Several major rental car companies are available at EGE. Although renting a car for your trip to the Rockies does provide the most flexibility, there are some very important things to consider before choosing this ground transportation method from Eagle Airport.

Cost is the first consideration. Eagle’s car rental rates are significantly higher than those in the rest of the US. In addition to this, gas prices in the mountains tend to be 30-50% higher than the rest of the country. There are also outrageous parking fees (if you can find a space). In other words, if you’re going to drive a lot, is it worth getting a car?

In addition, how confident are you driving on the road with hazardous conditions such as snow and ice? Driving through the mountains during winter takes skill and experience; it’s not for the faint of heart. If you rent a 4WD vehicle, be sure the tires have studded snow treads or you may find yourself stranded on the side of the road.

(EGE) Taxi Service

The Eagle Regional airport is serviced by traditional taxis. Prices tend to be slightly cheaper than private car reservations, but availability is less than ideal during periods of high demand. When you land at the airport, it is probably not a good idea to count on a cab to be there for you.

As a result, luggage and sport equipment transportation from Eagle Airport can be challenging since most of these taxi operators drive smaller sedans. Taxis are a good option if you’re traveling alone, or as a couple; however, you’re taking a gamble assuming a cab will be available when you land.

(EGE) Ride-share Companies

The use of ride-shares for passenger pickups and drops offs has only been permitted recently. Companies operated “under the table” for many years by putting Costco as the destination and describing the meeting place as being outside the airport.

There is now a designated area outside the airport terminal for ride-shares to operate (though it is still within easy walking distance of other ground transportation hubs) after Eagle County Airport officials decided that this practice was detrimental to the airport and travelers as a whole.

However, even though this may be the cheapest option for getting to and from Eagle Regional airport, there are two major concerns: vehicle reliability and driver reliability. A rideshare service at Eagle airport does not require any license or maintenance, unlike professional transportation services at the airport. It is impossible to know whether your driver is skiing that day instead of picking you up, and when the brakes were checked last.

Which Ground Transportation Option To Choose At Eagle Airport?

Eagle Airport (EGE)

(source ege-airport.com)

Private car service offers the most comfort, flexibility, and convenience of all the ground transportation options to and from Eagle Regional Airport. Then you should consider this option if these factors are important to you.

Taxi services are an excellent option if budget is an issue. They are licensed and regulated, and their cars are maintained regularly based on the industry’s standards. If money is very limited, ride sharing should be your last resort. In the summer, rent a car if you’re intending to visit the shops in Eagle, travel between resorts, or if you plan to commute a lot around the Rockies.

Rocky Mountain Airport Transportation: Your Complete Guide

How to Get From Eagle Airport to Beaver Creek?


Because of the shorter drive to Avon & Beaver Creek, and other Rocky Mountain ski resorts, many people prefer to fly into Eagle. However, international travelers or those who don’t prefer a smaller and less well developed airport will have to choose another option.

A large portion of the flights are scheduled during the busy winter months when the resorts are operating at full capacity. Most passengers flying into EGE are skiing enthusiasts. The airport primarily handles domestic flights operated by the major carriers, with American Airlines having the largest presence there.

As road conditions can deteriorate rapidly during winter, it is crucial to plan well in advance for travel during winter. A private car service like Blue Sky Limo will be the most convenient way to travel from Eagle Airport to Beaver Creek. With this service, you will be transported from Eagle Airport to Beaver Creek in comfort, style, and safety with a private vehicle and professional driver, so you can just relax, enjoy the ride, and take in the view.

Eagle Airport to Breckenridge?

Private cars can take you back to Eagle County Airport in about an hour and thirty minutes, depending on where you stay in Breckenridge. Weather conditions can make travel difficult, however (such as during a winter storm). Ideally, four-wheel drive vehicles or snow tires are recommended. All of our limousines have both of these features. Detour roads can be taken when necessary, since our local drivers know the local traffic and weather patterns very well. It’s no problem getting back to Eagle because we’ve done these transfers a thousand times – we’ll make sure you’re back on time and in comfort!

The next step after landing at Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE) is choosing an appropriate transfer company to take you to Breckenridge, Colorado. When searching for luxury, style, and comfort when traveling from Eagle Airport to Breckenridge, Blue Sky Limos is your best choice. We provide large seven-passenger SUVs for your group’s airport transportation to Breckenridge. They are also fitted with beautiful interiors made of leather, as well as the latest entertainment systems and charging stations.

Eagle Airport To Aspen in Style and Comfort?

Aspen and Eagle Regional Airport are approximately 68.5 miles apart. The distance can be traveled by several different modes of transportation. Airport shuttle services like Blue Sky Limo can help you with transportation to and from the airport. You must choose one of these options because it is not possible to fly directly from Eagle Airport to Aspen. In terms of reliability, safety, and comfort, a private shuttle service is probably your best bet.

Using a private shuttle service is convenient because you don’t have to worry about driving your own vehicle. In mountain resorts, navigating and parking can be challenging. So, let us handle all the other details while you relax and enjoy the view. It’s a great way to relax and unwind.

We promise you that if you choose Blue Sky Limo for transportation from Eagle Airport to Aspen and back, you will be traveling with the best! We provide convenient and stress-free transportation from EGE to your destination in Aspen. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains as you sit back and relax. You won’t have to wait for other passengers, nor do you have to frequent stops to meet other passengers. Upon arriving at your destination, you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed.

Blue Sky Limo, Eagle Airport is at Your Service

Eagle Shuttle Blue Sky Limo

Blue Sky Limo Colorado recently opened an Eagle Airport office as the latest addition to our service areas. In 2012, we opened our first office in Vail, and now have offices in all of the major Rocky Mountain resort areas. With our new office in Eagle, we are now able to provide Eagle County residents with a dedicated fleet of vehicles and drivers experienced in servicing Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE). As one of the most convenient gateways to the Rockies, Eagle Airport is close to a variety of world class resorts. If you need transportation to and from Eagle Airport, Blue Sky Limo is at Your Service!

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