Power of Focus Classes

The trained mind is your biggest ally in personal mastery. Personal mastery is achieved through a combination of intensity + consistency and the Power Series Classes provide the consistency. In Power of Focus we explore how your thoughts and beliefs create reality as you know it. You will learn tools and techniques to still, focus and direct the mind, setting you on a course for mastery. Practical outcomes include stress management, increased productivity and efficiency, and improved relationships and quality of life.

Guest Pass to Class

Want to check out a class to see what it’s all about? Experience Inner Matrix Systems training and meet people in our community by joining one class as a guest. Select one of the regular class times listed below for a first-hand experience to learn practical tools you can begin to apply immediately. To RSVP, go to the TRAINER PAGE select one of the trainers from the schedule above then scroll down to Guest Pass to attend one of their classes.

Any questions contact: KristiMoon@innermatrixsystems.com (970) 390-9702


Mondays – January 10 – March 28

Tuesdays – January 11 – March 29

Wednesdays – January 12 – March 30

Thursdays – January 13 – March 31


Contact the Trainers

MandyBenedict@innermatrixsystems.com (970) 904-1233
LainaEskin@innermatrixsystems.com (970) 281-9885
AnnEvans@innermatrixsystems.com (970) 390-0874
KristiMoon@innermatrixsystems.com (970) 390-9702
LindaWells@innermatrixsystems.com 970-401-4010
LindaWilde@innermatrixsystems.com (970) 471-3014