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Is breathing clean air important? Would more oxygen make you feel rejuvenated? How about reduced exposure to bacteria and viruses? Altitude Control Technologies (ACT) system provides a solution for all three.

ACT’s guaranteed solution increases and regulates oxygen levels in high altitude mountain homes to simulate a lower altitude, improve sleep and eliminate altitude sickness. The ACT system will help your family breathe easier, keep everyone healthier, more focused and productive to enjoy your mountain lifestyle.

Create Healthy Indoor Air Quality in your Home

Low oxygen levels can create a major concern for many families living at altitude. The ACT system eliminates symptoms linked to poor indoor air quality including:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness

Altitude Control Technologies system provides safe, cleaner air by purifying the air of bacteria or viruses. The ACT system meets the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard for indoor air quality

Keep Air Fresh

Ordinary room oxygenation systems can make a room feel stuffy or stale. ACT’s unique technology manages air exchange to keep the air fresh, removing stale air and providing clean fresh air that is always comfortable to breathe. Oxygen enrichment of room air improves well-being at high altitude.

The ACT system filters the air to remove impurities. Then it is filtered again through a HEPA filter before being run through a molecular sieve. Your bedroom will have the highest quality air in the house. It’s the best air you can breathe.

Safety First

Safety is integral to each ACT system. We don’t just add oxygen to a room, we engineer a whole system and guarantee the performance and safety of our system.  ACT systems meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard for safe oxygen limits. The NFPA’s standard is a function of barometric pressure which is constantly changing. Without real-time barometric sensors, oxygen sensors and an integrated controller, a system cannot be brought close to the real oxygen limit and may only be fire safe “most of the time”. The ACT system is the only oxygenation system that meets the National Fire Protection Association safety standard.

Although we employ many different technologies, we focus on only one product: a fully integrated altitude simulation system managed by our ACT Altitude Controller™.  A true altitude controller ensures that every element of the system works seamlessly: oxygen, altitude, ventilation, pressure, air quality, and fire safety.

Over the past 24 years, Altitude Control Technologies has designed and engineered nearly every major altitude simulation system in Summit County. We value our Vail Valley roots by continually educating local homeowners about our technology so, as they age and find themselves having trouble breathing or sleeping, that they can remain living in their home at altitude.

ACT has a 100% success rate

We understand physiology – Our medical board of advisors are the world leaders in altitude-related physiology, with their own mountains of published papers on the subject, including the oxygenation of rooms.

Altitude Control Technologies home oxygenation system makes living life at altitude more comfortable. It’s truly the best air you can breathe.

Sleep well, play harder, and feel better.

Want to learn more?

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