Shop Local This Holiday Season to Support Your Neighbors!

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  • Shop Local This Holiday Season to Support Your Neighbors!


Small business is the heart of Colorado’s economy. There are more than 611,000 small businesses in Colorado, representing more than 99% of Colorado businesses. Supporting small businesses means supporting your community.

Here in the Vail Valley, 90% of our businesses have fewer than 20 employees. Small business is not only the heart but also the soul of our community!


According to the Small Business Administration, when you shop locally, 70% of your spending stays in the local economy, whereas only 30% remains when shopping non-locally. This means if you spend $100, your community keeps $70. This increases local tax revenues, used to support schools, police, fire stations, roads and more. Local businesses also utilize other local businesses such as marketing, accounting and printing, further impacting the local economy.

Your support helps ensure these small businesses make it through this economic downturn.

Here are some ways to continue supporting small and local business during this unprecedented time:

  • Give the Gift of Business: Buy a gift card to use at a later date or gift to a friend, shop locally online when possible and ask about curbside pickup, order take out from local restaurants.
  • Keep Your Subscription: To the gym, exercise class, painting class, music and dance lessons, etc. Many small businesses rely on your support to keep their doors open and pay their bills. Your continued support can save that business!
  • Ask How You Can Help: Contact your friends who own a business and see how you can help. Like, share, comment and engage with them on social media to help increase their reach.
  • Prepare for the Change in Seasons: Get your skis and snowboards tuned, wash your car, and don’t forget about changing to snow tires!
  • When You Feel Well and are Out and About: Consider a generous tip for services that you utilize, be kind and offer a thank you and smile (even behind your mask you can smile with your eyes), keep your distance, and wash your hands.

Visit our online business directory to find VVP member business information to get inspired to #ShopLocalVailValley!