Eagle County announces reduced capacity on ECO Transit buses beginning November 9

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  • Eagle County announces reduced capacity on ECO Transit buses beginning November 9

Reduced capacity on ECO Transit buses beginning Nov. 9

Beginning Monday, Nov. 9, ECO Transit will begin implementing stricter social distancing guidelines as required by state public health orders.

ECO Transit buses will be limited to 50% of seated capacity, with 6 feet of social distance required between households to the extent possible. This is approximately 18 to 19 people on a 40-foot bus. Passengers are expected to seat themselves as far away from non-household members as they can. Drivers will deny boarding and/or bypass stops when capacity is reached.

Transit supervisors will be monitoring loads and adding capacity at peak hours to the extent resources allow. However, demand may still exceed capacity at peak travel times which include:

Highway 6 Route: 6 a.m. to – 8 a.m. eastbound; 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. and 11:05 p.m. westbound
Valley Route: 6:24 a.m. and 6:45 a.m. eastbound; 4:21 p.m. and 5:21 p.m. westbound

Riders should be prepared for potential delays when traveling during these times and arrange to travel outside of these times when possible.

Masks continue to be required on board ECO Transit buses, at transit facilities, and while waiting at transit stops. Transit riders are also encouraged to register for Colorado’s Exposure Notifications Program, which can quickly notify you if you’ve likely been exposed to COVID-19, allowing you to reduce risk for your loved ones, seek timely medical attention, and stay home.

For information on schedules and fares, visit www.eaglecounty.us/transit or download the web app at www.transithub.com.