Leftover Salmon, Keller Williams among artists to play in Beaver Creek this winter

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  • Leftover Salmon, Keller Williams among artists to play in Beaver Creek this winter

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With multi-day residencies in Rocky Mountain resort town, one Colorado performing arts venue is taking a unique approach to concerts in the time of COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 on performing arts venues has created a dynamic range of reactions, with some venues closing down indefinitely while others get by with smaller shows and smaller audiences.

A venue in the Rocky Mountains is taking a unique approach, capitalizing on its location in the Colorado resort town of Beaver Creek. The nonprofit Vilar Performing Arts Center, a 535-seat indoor theater known for its exceptional acoustics and phenomenal architecture and design, is launching a new program that will bring major artists from around the world to the venue for a residency.

The idea involves premiering a signature pandemic-time series of unique collaborations between artists who can rehearse during the day at the facility in Beaver Creek, Colorado – safely in the mountains and away from crowded cities. This residency would culminate in a series of small, socially-distanced performances (and public health protocols would be strictly followed throughout the residency). A select number of premium tickets will be sold to the intimate performances and, for those who are not ready for the in-person experience yet, we will offer other ways to enjoy these through livestreams and other video offerings.

“We’re looking for artists with a proven track record, particularly if they have been successful streaming, and we are also looking for artists who are open to working with us to innovate and adapt to how we can enjoy entertainment today,” said Duncan Horner, Executive Director of the Vilar Performing Arts Center.

The phones are ringing and the calendar is starting to fill again for this winter. Outreach has already been successful, with several renowned artists on-board for the residency program including:

Artist: Leftover Salmon, in house January 21-23 with evening shows on Thurs. January 21, Fri. January 22 & Sat. January 23.  Since their earliest days as a forward thinking, progressive bluegrass band who had the guts to add drums to the mix into their ever evolving sound, to their role as a pioneer of the modern jamband scene, to their current status as elder-statesmen of the scene, Leftover Salmon has been a crucial link in keeping alive the traditional music of the past while at the same time pushing that sound forward with their own unique style.

Artist: Keller Williams, in house January 28-30 brings 3 unique nights of music in a solo, duo + trio format with evening shows Thurs. January 28 (solo), Fri. January 29 (duo with Greg Garrison of Leftover Salmon) & Sat. January 30 (trio with Garrett Sayers of Motet and Jeremy Salken of Big Gigantic).  Unbeholden to conventionalism, Keller Williams seamlessly crosses genre boundaries. The end product is astounding and novel music that encompasses rock, jazz, funk and bluegrass, and always keeps the audience on their feet.

“We’re excited not only for what this will bring in terms of connecting us during divisive times through quality performances, but also what it will do to keep the vitality of our industry alive,” Horner said. “We’ve long been a favorite stop on tour for many artists – now we can be a center not just for the finished performance product, but as a place to safely isolate and create new ideas during this exceptionally difficult time.”

Tickets will be available for purchase starting October 20. Visit vilarpac.org for more information or contact the box office at (970) 845-8497.