Colorado Lending Source Announces Small Business Emergency Funds for Rural Colorado Businesses

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  • Colorado Lending Source Announces Small Business Emergency Funds for Rural Colorado Businesses

DENVER,CO—Colorado Lending Source is pleased to announce a new financing option for rural based Colorado businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19. As a non-profit community lender, Colorado Lending Source is allocating $350,000 to this effort. The purpose of the Small Business Emergency Loan Program for Rural Colorado is to augment Federal relief programs and to help protect jobs and businesses in rural communities.

Colorado Lending Source’s Executive Director, Mike O’Donnell, states:

“COVID-19 has been especially challenging for most rural-based Colorado businesses. Many larger cities and counties have been able to create loan programs to complement Federal stimulus and help local businesses survive but rural businesses have been largely left to their own devices. Most have been excluded from access to the Paycheck Protection Program and struggle to understand the complexities of the credit-scored Economic Injury Disaster Loans. To help out a little, Colorado Lending Source has launched the Small Business Emergency Loan program for rural-based Colorado small businesses to offer some relief and hope. These $10,000 loans are offered over two years at an interest rate of 3.75%, with no payments due for the first six months of the loan. While not providing the complete answer to the challenges faced by rural business, we hope that we can at least contribute a little to the solution.”

Loan details of the Small Business Emergency Loan Program are as follows:

  • $10,000 loans
  • 3% fixed interest rate
  • Two year terms
  • Payments deferred for six months
  • Must be located in a rural community

To identify if a business is located in a rural community, they can visit the USDA website and input their business address.

In order to apply, they must fill out an application and sent it to

For more information, please visit:

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