Volunteer now: businesses helping businesses with COVID-19 support

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  • Volunteer now: businesses helping businesses with COVID-19 support

Our small business owners are looking for support. We need volunteers to help small business owners with loan applications, cash flow projections, marketing strategy, and more as they navigate these uncharted waters.

Many have asked us how they can help. Now is the time.

Vail Valley Partnership along with regional partners including the Small Business Development Center are looking to gather information about how businesses can help other businesses.

  • Are you able to offer businesses help in going digital or setting up virtual programming?
  • Do you offer supplies that can assist businesses with creating a streamlined operations system so that they can continue to operate?
  • Can you help businesses with marketing strategy to help them adapt to the current situation?
  • Specifically,volunteers within the Financial Sector are needed to mentor and consult with fellow Eagle County business owners to better understand the various loan applications, baseline financials, and more.

Your expertise can help provide support and guidance to our business community in key areas of the potential impact from COVID-19.

If you want to be involved with Eagle County’s economic resiliency and recovery efforts, please complete this form to tell us about yourself. We will contact you directly with more information.


If you are a CPA, bookkeeper, financial expert, marketing professional, or business consultant please help our community by volunteering to assist our local businesses. We’ve already seen businesses get caught up in the basic understanding of their financials and not successful being able to navigate the application process; with your help, these tasks may not seem so daunting for our businesses, thus the more successful the application, and a thriving Eagle County business community.