Staff Wellness Offering: Free 5-Week Mindfulness Series

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  • Staff Wellness Offering: Free 5-Week Mindfulness Series
There are countless benefits of mindfulness training and the positive impacts it has for individuals and team dynamics. Research has shown that a 20-minute daily mindfulness or meditation practice can reduce stress, improve emotional health and even change the physiology of the brain. In the modern workplace, the result is more fulfilled employees, stronger connections within teams and greater overall productivity and sales.

Conscious Transformation would like to offer a free 5-week meditation series to your staff members in the convenience of your office. The series explores the book, The Inner Matrix, by Joey Klein and is designed to help focus the mind and empower the emotions using simple, practical tools. The insights in the book are progressive and illuminate how to discover and sustain a truly fulfilling life through the latest breakthrough research in neuroscience, psychology and brain function. Utilizing a trained facilitator that is provided, the series will give your staff members the knowledge and simple practices to create great changes in their lives and in your workplace. All the online materials, including recorded guided meditations, are included at no charge. Please contact Kristi Moon at 970-390-9702 or email

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