What Is Barre Forte?

“Barre Forte workouts are hard – and we like them that way.” By using small, controlled movements, isometric holds and high repetitions, you can develop a strong, lean physique in a short amount of time. Not only will barre transform your body, this low impact workout is also a popular cross-training option for athletes looking for ways to prevent injury and improve performance.

Barre Forte’s signature BARRE class is 60 minutes long, is empowering and energizing, and proven to create strength, endurance, and muscle tone. Classes include hand weights, sliders, therapeutic exercise balls, and resistance bands to enhance your workout. No two classes are alike. This prevents muscles from adapting, giving you quicker results!

Barre Forte Vail Valley, located across from Cedars Flower Shop & Cafe 163 in Edwards, also features a variety of different class formats that complement their signature format. These barre inspired fitness classes include Sculpt, Hustle, Express, and more.

Explore Barre Forte Vail Valley’s full class schedule and class format descriptions on their website.