Help Sowing Seeds Raise $10,000 from TIAA Bank at the GoPro Mountain Games

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  • Help Sowing Seeds Raise $10,000 from TIAA Bank at the GoPro Mountain Games

Walking Mountains Science Center is thrilled to announce their collaboration with TIAA Bank and the Vail Valley Foundation for the GoPro Mountain Games. This partnership was inspired by TIAA’s commitment to sustainability and supporting local efforts to involve the community. One of the foundations of TIAA Bank, is giving back to the community. With a heritage of nonprofit work, the bank is committed to supporting positive efforts others are making in the community. At this year’s GoPro Mountain Games, TIAA is working to raise money for the Walking Mountains’ Sowing Seeds Program while also supporting Zero Waste efforts via corporate volunteerism.

“TIAA Bank is proud to support education in the communities in which our associates live and work,” said Blake Wilson, chairman and CEO of TIAA Bank. “This project will help ensure students in Eagle County receive a well-rounded education and are ready to succeed outside the classroom.

For seven years, Sowing Seeds has introduced young students in Eagle County to the world of gardening, healthy eating and environmental stewardship. Stem by stem, leaf by leaf, hundreds of children have learned a valuable lesson: that time, patience, and constant care create amazing results.

Currently, the Brush Creek Elementary and Eagle Valley Elementary Green Houses that are operated by Walking Mountains are in need of improvements to expand the education and implementation of Sowing Seeds. With enhancements, the program will be able to impact more students by increasing the curriculum through a longer growing season and a broader selection of planted items. Anyone attending the GoPro Mountain Games can help raise money to refurbish the greenhouses and add new teaching features by visiting the TIAA booth located on the International Bridge in the heart of Gear Town and Vail Village.

“Sowing Seeds is the ideal way to introduce young people to the inner workings of natural science,” said Markian Feduschak, President of Walking Mountains. “Young people naturally gravitate towards plants and soil, and by nurturing that instinct and structuring the experience, our kids in Eagle County are coming away with the foundational knowledge that will create our next generation of great gardeners, botanists, biologists, and most importantly, environmental stewards.”

At the booth, TIAA will be educating guests on the Sowing Seeds program and connecting with the community by collecting emails for the fundraiser. For each email that is collected at the booth, TIAA will donate $10  to the Sowing Seed programs, with the goal to raise ten thousand dollars in one weekend. By participating in the donation activity, each guest will receive a grow bag of native Colorado wildflowers or an herb mix to start personal gardens at home. Come talk to TIAA and help grow a foundational program in the Eagle County community.